Cropped Hoodie Outfit (30 Best Ideas)

Originally, hoodies were made to protect you from the cold temperature. So, it’s seemingly hard to grasp the purpose of wearing a cropped hoodie outfit! However, we do know that they are really cool to wear! They can be used for various occasions, from a girls’ night out to a casual date. Just make sure not to use it for weddings or graduation parties!

If you’re thinking of creative ways to wear a cropped hoodie outfit, then you’re in the right place. After all, we’re here to help you get dressed and be the center of every man’s attention. Make sure to follow some of our tips and try it out! See if an idea or two fits your style and preference!

Match It With High-Waist Jeans

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1. Match it with High-Waist Jeans

Some cropped hoodie outfits work perfectly with high-waisted jeans. Wearing it with high-waisted jeans surely makes you look trendy and fashionable! Besides that, it isn’t that hard to dress up this way. The most important thing to note is finding the right cropped hoodie outfit for the pairing, which is usually not as short as an ordinary cropped sweatshirt.

Cropped Hoodie With Short Cuts

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2. Cropped Hoodie with Short Cuts

Simple cropped hoodie outfits can also look good when you match it with short jeans. In fact, it’s supposed to be one of the best ways to rock if you’re only going out for some casual chores. If you’re interested, try to wear bicolor cropped hoodies and see if it matches the rest of the ensemble.

use it for work out

3. Use it for Workout

These days, cropped hoodies aren’t made exclusively for mitigating cold weather and stormy rain. In fact, you can comfortably wear them for a morning or afternoon gym. Some cropped hoodie outfits are made with premium material similar to most sportswear, therefore guaranteeing a satisfying workout experience.

Wear A Thick Cropped Hoodie For Outdoor Activities

4. Wear a Thick Cropped Hoodie for Outdoor Activities

While some workouts can be done indoors in a gym, you can also choose to do some cardio activities out on the streets. Therefore, you need to have thick cropped hoodie outfits in order to avoid catching a cold! Here’s an added hint: make sure to find one that matches your track pants. 

Wear A Personalized Cropped Hoodie Outfit


5. Wear a Personalized Cropped Hoodie Outfit

As beautiful as cropped hoodies can be, they can practically be found in every place that you visit. To avoid any embarrassment in meeting someone that wears the exact same outfit as you, please try to buy a personalized cropped hoodie, in which you can edit and customize your favorite quotes to be printed on your sweatshirt.

There Are Some For Hijab Wearers Too!

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6. There are Some for Hijab Wearers Too!

We understand that there are stylish Moslem gals who want to go out and hang out with their friends and not abandon their hijabs. Thankfully, you can still wear cropped hoodies that match your hijab! Aside from finding the matching color (it doesn’t have to be the same), you can add some extra clothes underneath for better output!

Wearing An Oversize Hoodie

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7. Wearing an Oversize Hoodie

Who says that oversized cropped hoodies aren’t cool? If oversized jackets and oversized shirts are good enough for most people, you also need to be content with an oversized cropped hoodie. Although it looks impractical, you can even use it for workouts and daily chores, too, due to its extremely comfortable material.

Go Dark with Gothic!

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8. Go Dark with Gothic!

People seem to love gothic fashion because they can freely express their deepest, darkest feelings with this kind of clothes. If you want to look “dark” or just in the mood to creep other people out with your beauty, make sure to dress up in goth and wear some neck gaiter to upgrade the appearance!

Colorful Cheerful

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9. Colorful Cheerful

People often say that your clothes define who you really are. Therefore, you can also choose to wear some colorful clothing, because you’re really such a cheerful person! Contrary to dark colors, they also won’t absorb as much heat, hence reducing any chance for you to feel hot during a shiny afternoon.

Add Something Underneath

10. Add Something Underneath

Some people might not be comfortable enough to show a lot of their skin to other people. Well, do not worry too much about that because that’s not the point of cropped hoodie outfits. In fact, you can just add some extra shirts underneath a casual cropped hoodie, and it will still be as cool!

Wear it as High as You’d Like

11. Wear it as High as You’d Like

It may seem a little bit in contrast to the previous cropped hoodie outfit idea, but the general purpose of having one is to wear it as high as you’d want it to be. In fact, you can even knot it to fit your preferred height. It will be even better to pair it with skinny jeans and a pair of heeled boots.

Go Retro!

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12. Go Retro!

Wearing a retro hoodie from a different era doesn’t mean that it is uncool and outdated. You might even argue that it looks dang cool! Plus, most retro cropped hoodies are made using current premium material, thus keeping you comfortable all day long.

Cat Cropped Hoodie

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13. Cat Cropped Hoodie

Some cropped hoodies can also be used for Halloween or cosplay events. If you don’t want to use fancy nerdy stuff for those parties, just find a cute cat-cropped hoodie. It is simple and cute and can even be used for casual chores.

Cropped Hoodie Outfits with Pop Culture Reference

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14. Cropped Hoodie Outfits with Pop Culture Reference

Every person has their own taste and preference regarding pop culture. Some love anime, while others tend to follow K-Pop closely. Therefore, you should honor your favorite TV show or musicians by finding cropped hoodie outfits with references made for them.

Pull it Above Your Bra

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15. Pull it Above Your Bra

Workout can be a lot more fun if you have the right set of clothes to wear! Perhaps, you should try and wear a pullover cropped hoodie that can complement your sports bra underneath. We guarantee that you will feel comfortable at the gym while generating envy from other women.

Wear Some Chains

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16. Wear Some Chains

You should definitely try out some cropped hoodie outfits that come with chains. If you really wonder about it, these chains aren’t there for display purposes. While we can’t argue that they look cute and cool, they are there to help pull over some part of the hoodie to your chin, thus covering your mouth and making you look mysterious.

cropped hoodie outfit


17. Mix and Match It with a Camo-striped Hoodie!

Camo-striped clothing always looks good, whether it’s t-shirts or even cropped hoodie outfits.  Hence, you should try a pullover camo-striped hoodie, as it looks super cute and sporty, especially when you‘re pairing it with joggers or other casual gears. Try mixing it with pants of contrasting colors too!

cropped hoodie outfit

18. Zipper Hoodies? No Problemo!

Some conventional cropped hoodie outfits also have zippers, just like traditional jackets. Why so? Apart from looking cool, you can easily take them off whenever you’re feeling hot or weary! Try to wear some sports bra or gym shirts underneath, too, especially if you’re in the mood to lift some weights.

cropped hoodie outfit

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19. Find One with Head Cover

Some cropped hoodie outfits come with head covers, while others don’t. If you live in a rainy area, using a cropped hoodie with a headcover will help you from getting all wet (remember, head and not the lower parts!). Besides, you can always leave the cover on the back if you don’t feel like wearing it.

20. Pink Hoodies and Pants

Pink is normally associated with women. Although that statement has become entirely irrelevant now, there’s still nothing wrong with trying pink clothes for a night out with your friends or partner. You can choose to wear an all-pink set or combine it with another color below. Aside from looking awesome, it will show people how cheerful your personality is!

cropped hoodie outfit

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21. Fishnet Hoodie and Matching Bra

If you’re thinking of attracting the attention of an entire room, there’s nothing better than to wear a combination of a fishnet cropped hoodie and bra. These fishnet hoodies are usually stretchy and have long sleeves. A simple yet eye-catching solution to look hot on the coldest night!

cropped hoodie outfit

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22. Go Casual with Blue-ocean Hoodie

There’s something calming and casual about blue-ocean-colored clothing. Therefore, it makes total sense if you’re thinking of wearing one when you’re out for everyday chores. Although it looks simple, it will still bring the best out of you and make you look so beautiful.

cropped hoodie outfit

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23. Wear Your Blue Hoodie with Short Skirt

Wait a minute! Blue cropped hoodie outfits is also great for different bottomwears. Aside from the obvious trousers, you can also pair them with short skirts. The colors won’t overlap and it’ll still look simplistic and elegant. 

cropped hoodie outfit

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24. Khaki Cropped Hoodie Outfits

Every girl who is thinking of collecting various cropped hoodie outfits should have at least one with a khaki color. It is a great all-rounder that is perfect for any skin tone. Additionally, it is perfect for pairing with white, blue, and green. It’s really simplistic without appearing like you’re trying to overdress!

cropped hoodie outfit

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25. Play Casual with a Baseball Cap

Wearing a baseball cap can really improve your overall appearance, especially when you’re going out with a cropped hoodie outfit. After all, they are the ultimate casual wear that can be used for various purposes. Do you want a tip? Try wearing a grey hoodie to match that casual look you’re searching for.

Play Cute with a Matching Beanie

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26. Play Cute with a Matching Beanie

A baseball cap can make you cute, and we can’t argue with that. However, you can definitely look cuter and more attractive with a matching beanie. We won’t argue about the color of the beanie and the cropped hoodie, as long as it matches!

Find Contrasting Color with Your Jeans

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27. Find Contrasting Color with Your Jeans

Sometimes, contrasting colors may just fit perfectly. In fact, why don’t you try and grab a retro brown cropped hoodie outfit and pair it with light-colored jeans? This really cute pairing will make you look adorable and stylish, and it’s perfect for any occasion and setting.

Wear a Lace Up Cropped Hoodie


28. Wear a Lace Up Cropped Hoodie

A lace-up cropped hoodie offers you so much. In terms of purpose, it can be used to assist you in setting up the tightness of the hoodie. In terms of appearance, it’ll definitely make the cropped hoodie outfit (and you too) look more adorable.

Wear a White Crop Top Underneath

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29. Wear a White Crop Top Underneath

When you have a black cropped hoodie outfit, you can really explore a lot of ways to appear trendy and fashionable. In fact, you can even try to wear a white crop top shirt underneath it whilst opening the zipper of the cropped hoodie.

Wear a Mash Hoodie and a Cap

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30. Wear a Mash Hoodie and a Cap

Do you want to look hot when you’re going to a nightclub with your friend? We highly suggest this mash-cropped hoodie outfit with a baseball cap. If you’re trying to attract other people’s attention, we’re 99.9% (because nothing is guaranteed in this world) sure that it’ll work!

What Do You Wear with a Cropped Hoodie?

You can wear a lot of things to complement a cropped hoodie outfit. A baseball cap or a matching beanie might be great and make you look cuter. If you wear a cropped hoodie with a zipper, try using a sports bra or crop top underneath. 

What is the Point of a Cropped Hoodie?

The cropped hoodie was invented as a new fashion style. If you want to be warm during cold temperatures, there’s no point in buying a cropped hoodie outfit. However, you can really appear fashionable if you wear one, alongside other awesome clothing that matches the hoodie.

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