1 Simple Change that Cured my Sensitive, Reactive Skin!

1 Simple Change that cured my sensitive reactive skin

For as long as I can remember my skin has been very reactive, overly sensitive and sometimes even painful! 1 Simple Change that cured my sensitive reactive skin
My face has often felt like this….

1 Simple Change that cured my sensitive reactive skin

Leaving me feeling about as attractive as this

1 Simple Change that cured my sensitive reactive skin

If you read THIS POST you will see some of the tricks I have tried in the past.

{I daren’t think about how much money I’ve spent on lotions and creams over the years.}

1 Simple Change that cured my sensitive reactive skin

However, today I am delighted to tell you that my face is no longer reactive or sensitive.
It feels soft, smooth and supple.

And the best part?
It cost me nothing!

All I had to do was make one change to my routine!

One Change

The ONE change I made was stopping using Clinique dramatically different moisturiser.
Which was very hard because I honestly thought it was the only moisturiser I could use.

It was the only moisturiser that didn’t make my skin react, which seemed okay at the time, but it meant I couldn’t wear any other brand.
Which also meant sunscreen was impossible.

Sunscreen would make my face turn purple… I kid you not!
I used to think the Clinique was the magic lotion that was kind to my skin.
I thought it was the ‘good guy’ in a world full of ‘baddies’.

Turns out I was wrong!

After accidentally forgetting to re-order my Clinique lotion (I used to get it online) I was forced into buying an alternative.
I thought I would try a simple lotion with no additives, but it still nipped my skin.

However, after a few days, it nipped less.
After a couple of weeks, it didn’t nip at all.

I was intrigued because years ago a beautician told me that Clinique sensitised the skin.
She told me that regular use stopped the skin being able to tolerate other brands.

I cynically thought she was just trying to sell me her own products.
Turns out that (for me) she was right.

After a few months of clinique cold-turkey I have been able to use other brands and different products.
Even sunscreen!

Cleansers, lotions and oils have become a pleasure.
This small change has made a huge difference!

{Disclaimer: This is my personal experience and it may not work for you… but if you’re suffering, it’s worth a try!}

Do you have sensitive skin?
What brands do you use?

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic!

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