3 Amazing Dresses | 3 Disasters!

3 amazing dresses 3 disasters

This is the final part of a sad trilogy…
Three beautiful dresses that I fell in love with.
Three awful disappointments.

My basket was full of beautiful dresses… or so I thought!
I was excited about the styling possibilities.

Then reality hit.

3 amazing dresses 3 disasters

This is how my sad story ended…

Dress number three is the worst of the bunch in my opinion.

The sad thing is I think it looks the best in photos (Do you agree?) but it was the worst in real life.

How can I even begin?!

{Please NOTE: I’ve ‘styled’ (if you can call it that?!) all three dresses with the same black poloneck, tights and boots. Just so you can see them all on an equal footing.}

3 amazing dresses 3 disasters

Online, the dress looked AMAZING.

The pattern looked fun and I was excited to style it with various different muted colours.
A step away from my normal bolds and brights.
Maybe even a chicer look?

When I opened the package this dress felt weighty… I was excited.

Then I noticed the hole.
Yes, HOLE.
Not an accidental hole but a deliberate one.

Just where the wrap tie passes through the side of the dress.
Raw fabric.
No seam.

An actual hole.

I was stunned.

Things just went downhill from there.

The fabric may be heavy but it’s awful.
The inside of the dress is white which looks cheap when you walk as it flashes about.

Once again the sizing is all to pot.
It sits VERY badly on my body.
The wrap is obscene.
Seriously…. how is this even possible with so much fabric?
I flashed my crotch when I walked and I’m not curvy so I can’t blame my hips.
Not a great look!

Worst of all is the finish.
The seams are uneven, twisted and appallingly sewn.
Rough interlock that curls around onto the front of the garment.

It reminded me of a last-minute Halloween costume I made a few years ago.
Not pretty, but it was a costume NOT a serious dress!

Once again my husband summed it up well…

“Blimey… that’s horrible! The worst of the lot.”

Nail on the head!

This dress had the most potential with it’s floor-sweeping drama-ramma.
Unfortunately, it fell as flat as a pancake.

In your opinion, which dress is the worst?
Dress 1… the one my kids could have made.
Dress 2 … the teatowel dress.
or this Dress… the crotch flasher!?

If you HAD to wear one for a day, which would you choose?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

BTW, You can find this dress HERE… it’s out of stock (how?) but you can look at it on the model.

I’m going to abandon my quest for a winter-into-spring-into-summer dress for now BUT if you’ve spotted any beauties I’d love to hear about them!

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