5 Easy Ways to Wear Difficult Colours

5 easy ways to wear

Colour is such a powerful tool.
People assume things about you according to the colours you wear.
{See THIS POST for more details}.

Some colours can instantly transform our mood.

Making us calmer and more relaxed, happy and joyful, energised…or even hungry!

Unfortunately, brighter and bolder shades CAN feel quite overwhelming and intimidating to wear.
Something to be admired on others, but avoided.
We may feel that we stand out too much, or even look foolish.

Yellow is definitely one of those colours!

However, I firmly believe that harder-to-wear colours can be worn by anyone… you just need to break yourself in gently and grow your confidence!

5 easy ways to wear

5 Ways to GO BOLD with Colour

1. Part of a Pattern

The easiest way to wear your bold colour is part of a pattern.
A Scarf is a brilliant place to start.
You can then move on to a patterned top, dress, or even trousers!
Whatever takes your fancy.

2. A Touch

Wearing your bright colour in a block is a little harder.
A scarf (or other accessory, like a belt/bag/necklace) is a great place to start.
What about bold eyeshadow?
It’s easier than you think!

3. Go Halfers

A bold coloured top or jumper is fun to wear BUT if the shade you love is not quite your colour then why not try going bold on your bottom half?
Bright coloured trousers, or a skirt, works beautifully.

4. Go All In

Why stop at halves?
Go all-in and wear your bold shade in the form of a dress or tunic.
Why not?!

5. Clash it!

If you’re feeling bold, and ready for more, why not clash your colour with other bold hues?
Go hard or go home!

Last week my head was turned by the super-cool Liyana.
I love her full-on stripes, cheeky shoes and cute bag.
Right up my style street!
Check out her post HERE.

5 easy ways to wear

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