8 Steps to Unique and Effortless Chic

8 steps to unique

Effortless chic. 8 steps to unique and effortless chic
It has to be the ultimate style goal, doesn’t it?

(I’m guessing that if you’ve clicked on this post then it’s probably something that interests you.)

I love that stylish vibe that some people emanate.
The art of looking like you’ve thrown on your clothes and they just happen to fall beautifully into place.

There are many effortlessly stylish women that I admire.
Some have their own style.
Some have someone creating their style for them but still look great.

I’m well aware that most celebrities have stylists and amazing resources at their disposal that create that ‘effortless’ look.

I also know that many women copy other people’s outfits to create the look they want.
Fair play to them.

The women I really admire are those who create a look that is unique to them.
A look that feels real.

Effortless dressing tips are all over the internet.
More often than not these tips involve words like…

  • Minimal.
  • Classic.
  • Clean lines.
  • Neutrals.
  • Monochrome.

These things can look amazing if you suit those kinds of clothes.
Or, if you are after that “French girl” chic or even the cookie-cutter-insta-babe look.

What if you love a bit of colour?
Or a pattern?
Or, even better, a clash of patterns and a riot of colours?

Is it possible to look effortless with an individual personality?

Style tips for effortless chic.

1. Don’t overdo it with your Hair (or Makeup).

This is THE element that can transform an outfit from chic to cheap (or vice versa) in a heartbeat.

When I look at chic outfits (or chic women) it’s often the hair and makeup that makes or breaks a look for me.

And, much as I hate to say it, as we get older overdone hair and makeup does more damage to our look than it did in our 20’s.

  • Bad stripey highlights.
  • Brassy dye jobs.
  • Rock-solid hairstyles (unless it’s a spiked crop)
  • Over straightened bobs and/or fringes.
  • Too-Perfect curls.

Pair these bad dos with a cake face and….ugh… you’ve added 15 years to your look in 5 (or probably more like 50) minutes.

Take instead…
A tousled wave.
A casual tuck behind the ear.
A thrown-up topknot.
A mussed up pixie.
Add a dewy skin and a red lip, or a softly smokey eye and a slick of lip gloss and wow…. one chic lady!

2. Chose Comfort.

Comfort is KEY.
There is nothing effortless (or chic) about being uncomfortable.
Sore feet from bad shoes or a body that’s being squeezed, restricted and squashed by shapewear?
It shows on your face.

Comfort is so important.
This applies to both physical and mental comfort.

Which brings me to my next two points…

3. Only real love will do.

Loving a look simply because you love it on someone else (or in a magazine advert) is NOT enough.

You MUST love your clothes and they must love you back.
Anything you pull out of your wardrobe should make you feel good.
Anything you wear should make you look good.

Donate anything that doesn’t fit or makes you feel bad about yourself.
Clothes that depress you NEED to go.
Anything you use to hide behind (or blend into the background with) needs to go.

Opening a wardrobe should make us feel empowered.
Equipt to put the best version of ourselves forward.
Ready to face the challenges of the day.

Opening a wardrobe to items that remind us of how much weight we’ve gained over the years (or lost) is not good for our mental well-being.
Be ruthless with depressing clothes.
You deserve to be happy every time those wardrobe doors open.

4. Buy Quality

Always pick quality fabrics over cheap polyester.
Quality fabrics not only look better.
Wash better.
Wear better.
Feel better (on the body).
Last longer.

They’re also better for the planet.

Don’t even get me started on cheap shoes!
Cheap shoes ruin an outfit.

Quality doesn’t need to be expensive.
Scour those discount websites and charity shops.
Cashmere, Wool, Leather, Silk and suede are all there waiting to be discovered!

5. Avoid obvious LABELS and LOGOS.

This might ruffle a few feathers BUT flashy status-symbol labels can certainly cheapen an outfit.
Especially if there’s a whole load of big-name logos piled up together.

  • The LV bag.
  • The Gucci belt.
  • The Chanel earrings.

By “cheapen” I don’t mean ‘cheap’.
Everyone knows these pieces cost a pretty penny.
By cheap I mean tacky.

“Look how much money I have…. LOOK EVERYONE!!”

Obvious wealth flashing is not stylish.
It’s distasteful.

Of course, if you’re buying the big brands for the quality then go for it (I’m eyeing up a pair of Prada pumps for that reason) but reign in the brash logos.

The most stylish women I know don’t need a big logo to validate their position in the style stakes.

6. Use your Local Tailor

Whatever you own will look (and feel) 100X better if it fits your body properly.
Forget about the body you once had or the body you’re going to have.
Dress the body you have just now.

A tailor will make your clothes fit like a glove and feel great.
In turn, you will look great…
Get the idea?!

7. Forget the Rules!

BORING rules make me yawn.
When I was looking around the internet for other people’s opinions on effortless dressing almost every post I read (and every video I watched) talked about…

  • Neutrals.
  • Monochrome.
  • Black.
  • Plain.
  • Simple.
  • Clean lines.
  • Classic accessories.
  • White shirts.
  • Camel coats…. etc, etc, etc…

I’m falling asleep here.

I’m bored to tears with generic outfits worn by women that all want to look the same.
Give me some colour!
Some personality.
Some oomph!!

Do your own BOLD thing.
Clash if you want to.

Many of the stylish women I admire you’ll already know well… find them on my sidebar under blogs I love.

Why not check out these effortless women you may (or may not) know.
They have an amazing bold style with buckets of personality!

ELA @stilblock
Norbyah @imanorbyah

8. Dress like a ghost!

This last point is supposed to be a bit of fun BUT it’s not a bad thought to hold onto…

Each day you get dressed think to yourself:

“If I die today am I happy with this outfit as my ‘forever’ outfit?”

If you had to spend the rest of eternity in one outfit would you be happy for your ghost to be wearing what you have on at this moment?

If the answer is “NO!” you might want to go and change!

The moral of this story is to put your best foot forward each day.

Bonus Style tip:
Irons, lint rollers and wool combs.
Never underestimate the power of grooming.
Forget spending time on perfecting that unflattering helmet hair.
Use your time to make sure what you are wearing is clean, pressed and bobble free!

What do YOU think?

How do you define effortless style?
What about labels and logos?
Do you think I’m talking rubbish and LOVE to flash them?

Please share your thoughts… you know I love to read them!

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