AGELESS Style? You decide! • Cream Jeans, Blue Shirt, Black Biker

ageless style you decide

I wore this outfit to work.

Minimal(ish) style.

These photos were taken after I’d been in these clothes for 10 hours… so, it’s a genuine “lived in” look 😂.
I’m just astonished that I made it to the end of the day without slittering my coffee or my lunch down myself!
I want to call this outfit “Ageless” but when I look up “Ageless Outfits” online, I am often disappointed.

A lot of so-called ‘ageless’ looks definitely look either too ‘try-hard’ or just plain frumpy.

Not all, of course, but many examples are not great.
Some are downright awful!

{This is my own opinion and you’re more than welcome to disagree.}

For me, the truly “Ageless” looks seem to work best when the outfit is minimal and classic but still current and updated.
Anything that is trying too hard to be trendy or edgy just falls face first into frumpsville.

ageless style you decide

I think that the true test of a good outfit is whether or not my teen comments with the following…

“You look nice Mum”

This not only means that a look nice BUT also means that the pieces in my outfit are not embarrassing!

The next stage of looking good is when your teen asks if she can borrow an item you’re wearing.
Not because it’s from a designer brand OR because it’s the latest look BUT just because she thinks it looks good.

This is better than any compliment from anyone!
Even if the Uber-chic Caroline De Maigret said she liked my jacket it would not have the same impact as my daughter asking to borrow it.

For me TRUE AGELESS STYLE is simple:

  • Keep things classic but remember your style tweaks (e.g. a cuffed hem or a half tucked tee.) 
  • Be true to yourself. Don’t try and copy anyone else’s style, be proud of who you are. You are enough.
  • Be open minded to new ideas. Think outside of your M&S, NEXT, Nordstrom box and venture into new territory.
  • Most important of all….TRUST YOURSELF! Remember that YOU know YOU best and go with your gut. If you feel good you will look good. Simple.
ageless style you decide

Let me know if you think this outfit is ageless or not?What would you change about it (apart from the 10 hours worn creases!)What would you class as ageless?I’d love to know.

Please don’t be shy, I can handle the truth and your honest opinion.

LEATHER SHOES: Topshop (secondhand… I’m in love!)
JEANS: Bolongaro Trevor
SHIRT: Topman (charity shopped for the princely sum of £1)
JACKET: Topshop (and hand-me-down from my friend’s daughter)
BAG: eBay (old)
SUNGLASSES: Older than old!

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