Autumn Restyle | Culottes when it’s Cold

autumn restyle culottes when

Ahh culottes.
A bit like marmite.
You may love them.
You might hate them.

Either way, they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.
Culottes are still a ‘thing’ for AW2020.

This is great news if you already have a couple of pairs in your wardrobe.
No need to pack them away.
They can be easily restyled for autumn/winter.

autumn restyle culottes when

Today I’m wearing a pair of culottes in an autumnal hue… which is handy because it’s certainly autumn here in Scotland!

I’m pairing them with a fluffy jumper and a satin blouse.
Layers are (as always) key.

Long boots finish the look off perfectly, although you can’t see that they are over-the-knee-long.
A long boot stops the culottes snagging on the top, which can be unsightly.
A longer boot can also do a great job of keeping you warm as well as stopping fabric-cling from your culottes.
An all-round good idea.

Of course, ankle boots would look great with this outfit too.

{Ankle boots could look a little more sleek and chic, especially in a darker colour and a neater fit.}

autumn restyle culottes when

Nothing in this outfit is NEW.

Everything is either past season, vintage, charity shopped or just plain old!

In case you didn’t know, I’m on a shopping fast for at least 3 months and I’m going to be re-styling my current wardrobe contents for the foreseeable future.

I’m not going completely dry though!
Anything I do feel that I need (or maybe even want) I’ll be getting from Charity shops or other secondhand/ preloved outlets.

CULOTTES: Boden… See them Styled in a different way HERE.
JUMPER: Laura Ashley (charity shopped)… I’ve had it a long time and wear it often but can’t find it here at Fake Fabulous. I am surprised because I thought you’d be sick of the sight of it!
BLOUSE: Vintage… See it HERE and HERE. I also wear this blouse to work with jeans. Quite often!
BOOTS: Duo… see them worn HERE (with fur), HERE (full-on geek chic!), HERE (with a Fedora), HERE (with orange), HERE (with red), HERE (with neon pink and orange!) and HERE (with a little vintage dress)!…. phew…. I’ve worn them A LOT and there are actually more looks.
Search “Duo Boots” on the sidebar if you want to see them all.
BAG:H&M… bought a few weeks ago. My everyday autumn/winter bag for the season!


If you’re long of waist and short of leg a culotte might not be your best friend.
Let’s be honest here, a culotte isn’t even friends with those of us who are long of limb!

Culottes chop valuable inches off legs.

You can counteract the leg-chopping effect in two simple ways.
1. Match the colour of your footwear to the culottes. (e.g Grey culottes, grey tights and shoes, or long grey boots)
2. Wear a heel.

For even more oomph, do both!

If, even with these tricks, the culottes still don’t do what you want them to forget them!
Swap them out for a shorter skirt (match your tights to your boots/shoes) or long wide trousers OR even wool/tweed shorts!
Whatever makes you happy.

What will you be Re-styling this Autumn, and how?
I’d love to know!

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