Black White and Orange Wearing My Favourites (again)!

black white and orange wearing

Some pieces in our wardrobes are go-to items that, no matter what you buy that’s ‘new’, will always end up being reached for… and probably worn to death! black white and orange wearing my favourites
Old favourites are those pieces we rely on to never let us down.

This outfit has a few of those old favourites for me!

First, my (now pretty old) orange coat….I’ve worn it to death, yet it still looks like new!
Next my (new, but old!) favourite black and cream lace booties.

{Yep, I’m wearing them ALL of the time. It’s getting a bit boring. Not sorry!}

Thirdly, a trusty roll neck.
Roll necks (or polo necks, as I would call them) are a constant feature in my wardrobe and go under anything and everything.

{I challenge you to find an outfit post without me wearing one 😛
Okay, that’s maybe a bit of an exaggeration…. but only a bit of one!}

Finally, this quilted bag that I bought years ago in the Topshop sale.
It was a ‘wee extra’ at the time but has turned out to be one of my most-used bags.
Funny how things work out.

black white and orange wearing

The rest of the outfit is pretty simple… a striped jumper and a pair of coated jeans.
Easy peasy!

What do you consider to be your favourite items?
Please share your go-to pieces in the comments…. I’d love to hear about them!

COAT: Hearts & Hands … similar
JEANS: A gift from a friend… similar
TOP: Oliver Bonas… this one is cool.
POLONECK: c/o Kettlewell colours.
LACE BOOTS: Clarks… these aren’t like mine but I LOVE them!
BAG: Topshop… this one is lovely.
SCARF: ‘borrowed’ from my daughter!… this is the original.

black white and orange wearing

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