Boyfriend Jeans & Light Mac | Cool Summer Outfit

boyfriend jeans light mac

After 4 years of blogging, we’re finally going on location!
We went on a reccy (reconnaissance mission) to a local beauty/tourist spot to find out if it could be a practical venue for us to take some outfit shots in the future.

I thought I’d share the outfit I wore, not because it’s particularly ‘wow’ but it is a great comfortable and casual look.

{Although thong sandals are NOT great on hilly cobbled streets.
My feet were slipping around and it wasn’t pretty…ouch!}

This outfit may not be the prettiest, granted, but it was practical for this cool summer day in Scotland!

boyfriend jeans light mac

Outfit shots on location are great fun… as long as you manage to get somewhere free of parked cars, wheelie bins and people gawping with their mouths hanging open!

This location is beautiful with very few “eyesores”.
I was spoiled.
Places around here are generally very quiet (especially if you go before 10am) and you often get to see amazing sights without another person spoiling your view, or that perfect photograph.
It’s bliss.

I imagine other locations have different problems…

  • Traffic?
  • Irate locals?
  • Dog poo?
  • Litter?
  • Other eyesores?

I’d love to hear about your local challenges!

boyfriend jeans light mac

For today’s ‘shoot’ we just clowned about a while and had a few heated discussions about locations, lighting, background composition and angles.

{And my inability to climb up the hill to the abbey in my stupid thongs!}

Of course, we also had to go and enjoy a coffee and a (gigantic) scone at the local cafe.

It was a great day and I’m really looking forward to sharing some beautiful location shots with you in the future!

MAC: Topshop
JEANS: Denham
JUMPER: Charity shopped
SCARF: Charity shopped
SANDALS: c/o Vionic (past season)
BAG: Radley

Location: Culross (Pronounced: Coo-Riss) famous for its Outlander locations

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