Can you wear a Midi Skirt with Flats?

can you wear midi skirt with flats navy

Midi skirts are so feminine aren’t they? can you wear midi skirt with flats navy?
You can find them (worn beautifully) all over Pinterest and Instagram.
Unfortunately, most of these stunning looks involve killer heels.

I love a high heel, and there is nothing quite a sexy as a demure skirt with a skyscraper shoe.
A knockout look.

can you wear midi skirt with flats navy

However, today was a busy day that involved a lot of walking around, and heels were not an option.

Luckily, a long boot can work really well with a midi skirt.
Which gave me a great excuse to wear my favourite boots… again!

{Read about my old favourites in this post}

Flat shoes can easily look matronly with a midi hemline.
Heels will always look more elegant (and sexy).
BUT, don’t worry… it can be done!

Just make your own shoe statement.
Any kind of statement you want.
Trust yourself.

Whether it’s a long lace up boot, like mine.
A bright coloured pair of trainers.
A cut-out ankle boot.
Or, a boldly patterned pair of ballerinas.

Wearing drab footwear, and hoping no one will notice you’re not in heels, just doesn’t work.
Go bold and have fun!

can you wear midi skirt with flats navy

This skirt is so comfortable and easy to wear.
I wanted to continue the navy and red throughout the whole outfit, and mixing stripes seemed like a great place to start.

This striped top was a gift from my blogging friend Ann (from Kremb de la Kremb in Hong Kong) and is intended to be worn off the shoulder.
It turned out to be the perfect top to layer over this (thermal) polo neck.

It is mild today, a whopping 9 degrees (48F) and the rain is holding off so I dug out my nude leather jacket.
Warm enough, and not too heavy.
I still needed a cosy scarf, warm gloves and a hat though.
Mild? Yes….but not that warm.

I read in a magazine that berets are back in fashion!
I knew if I waited long enough they would come back “in”.

Isn’t it funny how we like what we like regardless of what the fashion press say?
I am never very far away from a hat in winter, and berets go with anything and everything… or maybe that’s just me!

BERET: Old…this one is perfect!
BROOCH: H&M…this one is gorgeous
TOP: A gift…this one is as close as I could find.
SKIRT: Boden
BELT: Topshop
BOOTS: Caterpillar (old)…. these look cool.
JACKET: Superdry….I like this fun one.
SCARF: Boden (teen section)…this gent’s one is similar
BAG: Primark (on ‘loan’ from my daughter!)…similar.

Do you avoid Midi length skirts (and dresses) because of the need for heels?
Are there any items you love to wear (like berets) regardless of them being in style, or not!?
Please share your thoughts in the comments.
Or Contact Me.

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