Casual Floral Jumpsuit Summer Outfit

casual floral jumpsuit summer

Casual Floral jumpsuit summer are lovely but you usually see them styled in a ‘dressy’ way. casual floral jumpsuit summer outfit
What I mean by that is, they’re usually worn for parties and events.

Jumpsuits are a great alternative to a dress and look beautiful with heels and a clutch, but they can also be worn casually.

{It’s great when you can get more mileage from an item, isn’t it?}

This jumpsuit could easily be dressed up, but today I’m wearing it with my trusty white trainers and a simple tee layered underneath.

Layering always makes an outfit look more casual and easy-going.

And trainers, well… we all know what they do to any look!

casual floral jumpsuit summer

Instantly this jumpsuit feels day-time appropriate, and really easy going.

Although it’s a good job my shoulders are pretty flexible because the zip on this particular jumpsuit is THE most impractical zip EVER…. a two man job for anyone who doesn’t do yoga!

casual floral jumpsuit summer

JUMPSUIT: Oasis… (found in a charity shop… probably because of the zip!) this one is pretty.
BAG: French Connection… this one is nice.
TOP: Boden

Do you own a floral (or patterned) jumpsuit?
Do you wear it casually as well as dressed up?
Tell me all about yours!

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