cheap matching family christmas outfits

Cheap Matching Family Christmas Outfits (20++ Easy Hacks)

Wearing matching family outfits might be fun for some people. After all, matching outfits is a great way to show the people that you love each other and have a deep bond. You can wear matching outfits for a casual night at a mall or for dinner at a restaurant. But one important occasion is Christmas! Moreover, you can also use cheap matching family Christmas outfits for this annual occasion. 

Because Christmas is an annual celebration, it makes perfect sense if you don’t want to burn your money and buy expensive outfits. After all, what would you do with those matching outfits after Christmas? Plus, there’s a chance that your kids might grow, making the shirts useless for the next Christmas celebration. Therefore, finding cheap matching family Christmas outfits might be the way to go.

1. Red, Red, and Red



Red is a great outfit theme to use during Christmas. Furthermore, there are a lot of awesome and affordable red outfits that you can buy, making it a great choice for cheap matching family Christmas outfits. You have the option to wear a long-sleeved shirt or even a maroon red shirt too! Don’t forget to pose and take pictures with the whole family. 

2. Red and Jeans



Wearing matching red shirts might be a great idea for Christmas. However, you might want to balance it out by wearing something darker down below. Therefore, try and consider wearing matching denim jeans. It doesn’t matter what color you choose or prefer, as long as they are jeans. 

3. Reindeer Sweaters



Santa Claus might be a popular icon for kids. But people should also learn about the reindeer’s important roles on their journey of sharing gifts with children. For those of you who adore the reindeer, wearing sweaters with a reindeer printed on them will be nice. Make sure to wear trousers that have matching or similar colors to the base color of your sweater. 

4. Soothing Pajamas


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Most families who prefer to stay indoors while celebrating Christmas will likely wear pajamas. Fortunately, there are a lot of cheap matching family Christmas outfits in the form of soothing pajamas with unique patterns. Don’t worry! They will still feel comfortable despite their low prices. Try them on and take some pictures with your loved ones. 

5. Red Sweater, Red Minidress



Girls can wear sweaters or shirts. Boys, however, will probably think twice before wearing a mini dress. You shouldn’t worry, though, because red sweaters and red minidresses still match each other perfectly. You could even wear matching footwear with the same color too! Black will be highly recommended, though. 

6. Matching Santa Hats


Some people don’t like to think too much about wearing cheap matching family Christmas outfits. But did you know that something simple can really create a beautiful matching outfit for the day? Let’s say that you own a set of Santa hats. Well, just wear them together with your family members, and we can consider your mission of wearing matching family Christmas outfits accomplished! 

7. Formal Christmas


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Wearing formal matching outfits for Christmas is also a great and unique idea. Moreover, you can use this combo when you’re going to church or taking a professional photoshoot. Women can wear black dresses, while men will wear black suits and trousers along with a red tie to symbolize the spirit of Christmas. 

8. Graphic Black Shirt and Plain Shirt


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Some of you might have argued that two outfits with different designs might not match one another. Well, we have to disagree with that notion. In fact, different simple shirts, be that a graphic or a plain one can match one another as long as they have the same base color. A great and unique idea for matching two different models is to wear a black shirt. 

9. Various Plaid Shirts



It won’t feel like a cheap matching family Christmas outfits list if we don’t talk about the possibility of wearing plaid shirts. So, there you go! For this particular idea, we encourage you to go crazy. Just wear any plaid shirts that you and the rest of your family have for the day. It will definitely look adorable and beautiful. 

10. Matching Black Sweaters



Christmas is celebrated during one of the coldest times of the year. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to wear something warm like a sweater. In fact, a black sweater will also be nice, as it helps to absorb heat. Besides that, its warm design will make you and your loved ones look more elegant and awesome. 

11. Red and White Outfits Combination

cheap matching family christmas outfits

Matching red and red outfits are great. But did you know that a red outfit can also fit and match perfectly with white outfits? That’s the reason why we encourage you to ask your daughter to wear a red mini dress. You yourself will then have the chance to wear a nice beautiful white shirt or sweater. 

12. Red and Black Outfits Combination

cheap matching family christmas outfits

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A bright color such as red can be mixed with a darker-toned black. The result is beautiful and elegant too, which makes it suitable for Christmas. A nice and cheap ensemble will be to wear a red plaid shirt and black trousers and a pair of boots. You can also choose to wear a black beanie for a cuter look!

13. White and Beige Outfits

cheap matching family christmas outfits

Do you know what would make warm and cute cheap matching family Christmas outfits? Yes, it combines two colors, white and beige. So here’s the play: wear a white top in the form of a pajama, sweatshirt, or shirt, and pair them with nice beige pants or skirts!

14. Matching Striped Outfits

cheap matching family christmas outfits


Striped outfits with the color red, green, and white might just be the best cheap matching family Christmas outfits that you can find! The design will be absolutely perfect. Plus, it really emanates a playful and cheerful vibe for the whole room. What more to ask?

15. Pink and Red

Plaid Aprons


Many people might argue that pink is just a lighter-colored red. Well, that might just be true because they both match each other. Furthermore, you can also utilize cute shirts with some cartoon pictures on them. Not a bad idea, right?

16. Green and Blue

cheap matching family christmas outfits

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Who would have thought that a combination between green and blue makes a great pairing? For Christmas, it might just be one of the best cheap matching family Christmas outfits ever. You can wear green plaid shirts or dresses as well as a green scarf and pair them with nice blue jeans!

17. Plaid Pajamas

cheap matching family christmas outfits


Wearing matching pajamas might be one of the wisest ideas you can think of, especially if you want to save up some money. For a cute and adorable look, please consider wearing plaid pajamas. For the color, what better way than to use red, right?

18. Cute Matching Santas

cheap matching family christmas outfits

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Santa Claus might just be a fictional character, but you can help your kids by making his presence feel real. One way to do that is by wearing matching Santa outfits for Christmas. Fortunately, there are a lot of awesome and cheap Santa outfits and dresses that you can buy. Don’t forget to wear his hat too!

19. Gray Pairing

cheap matching family christmas outfits


A gray-themed outfit is an underrated option for Christmas. Gray outfits actually emanate a calming and elegant vibe, which makes them perfect for Christmas. For a cheap and affordable ensemble, you can try out gray cardigans as an extra layer to your shirt. Make sure to pair it with a neutral-colored shirt for maximum output, such as a white shirt or polo. 

20. Black Shirt, Green Plaid Trousers

cheap matching family christmas outfits


It really turns out that something dark, like black, can fit perfectly with lighter colors like green. That’s the reason why we highly encourage you to pair your long-sleeved black shirt with a pair of light green plaid trousers. It might not seem much, and it will feel casual. But we definitely know that it’ll bring warmth and joy to all of you. 

21. Plain White Shirt and Blue Trousers

cheap matching family christmas outfits

Let’s move on from the infamous plaid outfits for a while, and talk about something simpler and equally awesome. In fact, why don’t you find one of the easiest outfits on earth: a plain white shirt. Then, combine it with a pair of blue trousers. See if it works for you. We bet it would!

22. Plain Red Shirt with Striped Trousers

cheap matching family christmas outfits


For Christmas, an all-red outfit might seem like one of the best ideas, and it certainly does. But this time, we’re asking you to make a little innovation for the whole ensemble. Instead of wearing a plain red shirt and trousers, why don’t you find red and white striped pants for the whole family? Thank us later. 

23. Blue and White Combination

cheap matching family christmas outfits

(source: Something Delightful/

After many talks about cheap matching family Christmas outfits that are centered around red colors, let’s shift into something calmer for a while. For that matter, we’ve got just the right idea for you. Try on a pair of white trousers or pants and mix them with nice blue shirts. It’s a casual-looking outfit that will be great for Christmas parties or a fun night at the restaurant. 

24. Matching Jeans and Hats

cheap matching family christmas outfits

When thinking of fun and cheap matching family Christmas outfits, you don’t have to bother wearing similar outfits from top to bottom! Something as simple as wearing matching jeans and (Santa) hats will suffice. This way, you won’t have to burn out so much money from your wallet. 

25. Plaid Aprons

cheap matching family christmas outfits

We’re going to end our list of cheap matching family Christmas outfits with something surprising and probably unexpected. Indeed, it’s matching aprons! We don’t know if your menu will involve cooking or not. But one thing’s for sure, wearing matching aprons will look cool, especially for a fun family photoshoot. 

What is the Best Cheap Matching Family Christmas Outfits?

You’re going to want to take a look at plaid outfits when considering cheap matching family Christmas outfits. There are a lot of fun variations of plaid shirts, pajamas, or even trousers out there. Therefore, you can tweak them and make a unique ensemble that resembles your style. 

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