Checked Overcoat and Ribbed Dress

checked overcoat and ribbed

Oh dear, I slept in this morning!
There is nothing worse than that feeling of panic.
No time to get ‘properly’ dressed.
No time for that lingering early morning coffee.
Hair and makeup are done on the train (or bus) to work.
Nightmare eh?

checked overcoat and ribbed

In a sleep-in situation, like this one, I always reach for my ’emergency’ hanger.
A hanger waiting in my wardrobe with my under-layers, a dress, belt and tights hooked over it.
Ready to rock and roll with zero thought required.
The dress on the hanger HAS to be a well-worn old friend.
A dress that I know will feel great and look half decent.

It just so happens that these items are also my current winter favourites.
Clothes (and accessories) that I seem to be wearing on repeat.
Comfortable and warm.
Easy dressing at it’s best!

checked overcoat and ribbed

This oops-I’ve-slept-in outfit is simple and quick to throw on.

It has to be!

A knitted dress and opaque tights look smart enough with one of my favourite pairs of ankle boots.

{These boots are SO comfortable and I’m always on the lookout (on eBay) for the cream version.
If anyone ever finds them in a size 4 (37) please let me know.}

Earrings and a tie belt and I’m done.

Luckily, my hair is a 10-second brush through so that’s easy enough.
However, I am considering growing it so maybe my mornings will become a little more difficult?

Wearing an interesting checked coat over the top of a plain outfit like this means I’m ready in a flash and look like I may have even thought about this ensemble!

Two minutes to brush my teeth, add tinted moisturiser to my face and pop on some mascara (I can’t do mascara while in motion) my filter coffee goes in a travel cup and I’m off!
Disaster averted.

Do you have some pieces in your wardrobe that you reach for again and again?
I know I do!

What about a ready-to-go outfit for those frantic mornings?

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