Colour Blocking in 3 Easy Steps

colour blocking in 3 easy

Come on! Get your colour on.

Feeling good in your clothes is one of the best mood lifters!
If you feel good you automatically look good.

Positivity breeds positivity.
Its like smiling…if you smile at people, people smile back at you which makes you smile more.
It’s win win!

colour blocking in 3 easy

I defy anyone to feel miserable in their favourite colour.
For me (today anyway!) my colour fix came from a pair of bright yellow trousers.

Yellow is such a positive, happy colour.
Wearing yellow gives me a spring in my step, and puts a big smile on my face!

{Read about how I had to have these trousers HERE ,and the power of colour HERE.}

Today’s outfit was inspired by the ‘new’ (Read : Not really new at all!) bold colour blocking trend that is going to be BIG in AW 17/18.

It all started with these fab shoes that I snapped up for a bargain price in the summer sale.
Comfortable and colourful… perfect!

colour blocking in 3 easy

I decided to play with the colours in the embroidery and clash some bold and bright hues… just for fun!

A red/rust jumper and a magenta bag went perfectly with my yellow trousers and these red shoes.
Well, in my opinion anyway!

A simple tan belt, mirrored glasses and blue toes finished things off nicely.

3 Easy Ways to Colour Block with Style!

1.  Use quality fabrics

Bold colours look better in good quality finishes.
Buy the best quality you can afford, but don’t get ripped off!
Expensive does not always mean ‘good’… be savvy.

Bold and bright items are often discounted heavily in the sales.
Snap them up then, and save your pennies!

2.  Keep the colours ‘true’

Forget about ‘toning things down’ when it comes to clashing colour.
Commit to the boldness or don’t bother!

3.  Keep the shapes simple

The more simple the shape (and design) of your pieces the bolder you can go with colour.
Too many details can make the outfit seem fussy.
Simple lines work beautifully.

Bonus cheat…

If you are really struggling for colour inspiration try pulling colours from a favourite patterned item, like a scarf or (in my case) shoes!
Use the colours within the item you love to build an entire outfit.
It’s a great way to cheat!

Are you going BOLD this season?
What are your favourite colours to clash?

I would love to hear your combinations… and maybe even try them myself!

TROUSERS: Next…similar.
BAG: Charity shop… this one is cute!
BELT: Tkmax…similar.
SHOES: M&S… these plain ones are nice too.

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