Coloured tights and mini skirts? How old is too old?

How old is too old for Coloured tights and flippy mini-skirts?

Answer: Who cares, if you like them, wear them!

The weather is SO typically Scottish today… one minute sun. 
The next, rain. 
Then both, at the same time!

That means there should be a rainbow somewhere…

And a bright pink umbrella!

coloured tights and mini
coloured tights and mini

This kind of weird weather calls for eccentric tights so these raspberry pink ones fit the bill perfectly!
I have paired them with a dark-navy, flippy, little miniskirt and a floral sleeveless blouse.
I couldn’t resist bringing out my Primark jacket again (last seen HERE).

I was going to wear my navy ballerina shoes because they are so comfortable but
my pewter, patent leather, peep toe, shoe-boots or booties are just too lovely not to wear! They are almost as comfortable and a lot more cheeky and fun.

See my Instagram or Twitter feed for a close-up.

I have to hold my hands up and admit to breaking a very extensive list of ‘over-35 fashion rules’ today:

  • Bare arms (we should, apparently, be covering them up and hanging our heads in shame)
  • Sheer blouses (yuck, far too old for a hint of flesh)
  • Short skirts (cover those disgusting legs!)
  • Coloured tights (ghastly)
  • Pink, a double whammy here, pink is apparently ’embarrassing’ on the over 35’s and should NEVER be seen anywhere near red hair…just plain hideous.
  • Not matching shoe colour to tight colour (legs will look stumpy)
  • Peep toes and tights (or worse, socks!!! {which I love, BTW})
  • Cheap costume jewellery (shock horror! Where are your investment pieces?)
  • Tucking in blouses and tops when you have a short waist (cringe)

Oh dear, that is quite a significant list of offences.
I’m expecting a knock on the door from the fashion-police any minute now…

I am, of course, poking fun a the self-appointed rule makers out there.
BUT there is a serious message here.
Unfortunately, this attempted “shaming” of the over 35’s does seem have an affect on some women.
They are made to feel self conscious about their fashion choices and sometimes even give up on their favourite looks and styles.
This is a real shame and needs to stop! 
We should be supporting our fellow females, not criticising them and putting them down. Women have a tough enough time in the world without us turning on each other.
Tell your friends how beautiful and fabulous they are…and celebrate each other’s individuality.

Anyway, mini-rant over and back to the matter in hand… 

I have to admit that this skirt is slightly (i.e. quite significantly) on the short side for me, I think it is because of the flippy hem that kicks out when I walk.
I do need to bend down VERY carefully. 
But, I am covered up in fully opaque tights (100 denier) and would not embarrass myself too much in public with an accidental flash of hosiery-clad bum!

This style of skirt is also well out of my comfort zone, but trying new and challenging styles regularly is good for you. 
It stops a fashion rut kicking in and gives you a fresh perspective on things already lurking in your wardrobe as well as inspiring new purchases.
Speaking of which…

I couldn’t resist this sweet floral blouse when I saw it, something pretty in polyester again!

A cheap and cheerful item, for sure, picked up during a family food shop.
However, despite it’s low price point it is still ticking the AW15 wallpaper florals trend (seen at the Erdem, Burberry Prorsum and Mary Katrantzou AW15 fashion shows) quite nicely.
It also clashes, very satisfyingly, with my needle cord floral bag.

The blouse and bag are just a ‘nod’ to the new AW15 trends, but it is very important to keep nodding as we get older…I certainly don’t want to get left too far behind!

Photo credit: Erdem, Burberry Prorsum and Mary Katrantzou AW15 shows.

Some lovely leaf earrings and a pearl collar finish things off nicely.

Do you regularly break any fashion ‘rules’?
Would you like to, but are nervous of what people might think or say?

Please let me know in the comments

Skirt: Asos
Tights: Gipsy
Top: Asda
Shoes: Gianni Greggori
Earrings: Steve Madden
Jacket: Primark
Collar: Old (I can’t remember where from)

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