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create unique look classic trench

Everyone has a trench coat, don’t they?

I read somewhere that everyone has a trench coat, and if they don’t they should!
Is this really true?

I have never been a fan of the classic camel trench.
Especially after been flashed, as a young teen, by the stereotypical perv in a dirty camel trench.
That would put anyone off!

I do, however, love the look of a navy trench.

I had a Barbour one for years that I wore to death, eventually it faded to a rag and fell to bits.

Luckily, I found this navy replacement in a charity shop.
It was a little worse for wear, and needed a good wash.
I gave it a press and a few well placed stitches and it was as good as new(ish) again.

A navy trench coat really does go with everything.
Today, I teamed it with a vintage-style dress, and heels.
A classic look.

create unique look classic trench

Is Classic just another way to say boring?

It was only after I was looking at this outfit (in the photos) that I thought…
“This is a look that has been done to death!”
Is “classic” just another way to say “boring”?

This got me thinking.
Is it really that important to do something new and different?
Is it even possible to do anything new in 2016, without looking a little wackadoodle?
Has every great look not been done to death already, ten times over?

I took a moment to think about how I go about selecting what I want to wear.
To figure out what my secret formula to dressing is.

And, I came to a surprising conclusion.


There is no secret formula, or great style masterplan.
I don’t search the internet for “Outfit Inspo” or to find out what I should be wearing with what.

{I do love looking at magazines, and getting inspiration from them, but I never EVER have the budget for any true designer pieces}

So, I just do my own version with what ever I think might work for me.

Sometimes, I have a “bad taste” day (as described wonderfully by Yvonne
And, my solution?
I just laugh at myself, and rock it.

If someone else thinks I am a mess, then that is fine with me!

We can’t all agree all of the time can we?
Just think how bored we would be if we all loved what everyone else was wearing.
There would be nothing to talk about, nothing to think about and nothing to provoke thought and possible inspiration.

create unique look classic trench

4 Ways to create your own unique look.

  1. Make the first move. Forget about what everyone around you is doing and wearing. When you start ‘dressing up’ it has a ripple effect on the people around you. They start to be bolder, brighter, smarter … It is like a Mexican wave of style!
  2. Pick your own. Don’t worry about what is supposed to be in fashion or the latest trends. Think about shapes you love, the colours that make you smile, and start there. Having said that, the trends can sometimes inspire a great look, so don’t discount them altogether.
  3. If you feel it, do it! If you want to clash colours or prints, go right ahead. If it feels right, it will look great. If it feels wrong, it will look wrong. Simple. If you are unsure of a look, try a different combination until you feel confident. I often have a shoe-swither, where I frantically try on 10 pairs, then go back to the original pair I had looked out!
  4. Take a selfie. Okay, maybe not a pouting and heavily filtered snap. But, If you are still unsure about an outfit, taking a full length photo in the mirror can help get some perspective.

This outfit came together because of this pretty dress.
I have worn it, on the blog, twice before.

{Here, to a garden party and Here, with cobalt blue tights}

It is a lovely shape and the colour really makes me smile.
The birds have so many different shades in them that you could accessorise in many ways.
It is quite versatile for such a distinctive item.

It may be spring, but it is really chilly outside, so bare legs are not an option.
I reached for a pair of green opaques (last worn here) and my grey lace up shoes to add a little more vintage-inspired glamour.

{See how I wore these beautiful shoes with a vintage pencil skirt…in the sunshine!}

I popped a cosy, long sleeved, top under the dress (last worn here) for extra warmth.
A patent grey belt, with a perspex buckle, added a little more interest.
My navy mac and fun bag, finished things off nicely.

Do you own a trench coat?
How do you wear yours?
Please share in the comments…or tweet me@samantha4blair

Coat: Full Circle (similar)
Dress: Fever London (this one is the same style but different colours)
Bag: TkMaxx (this one is very cool…this is a beautiful tote)
Tights: Charnos (similar)
Shoes: Luca Stefani (these are cool)
Breton: Boden (this is similar)

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