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Dad Outfit (30 Top List Daddies Should Try)

Being a dad is tough, but taking care of your mental health is crucial. Treat yourself with a stylish dad outfit to relieve stress. Dressing well sets a positive example for your kids and boosts confidence when dropping them off at school. Our curated list of simple and stylish dad outfits ensures you’ll look great effortlessly. Trust us, these ensembles work for most dads out there!

1. Superhero Dad

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When your child is a kid, most of them must have assumed that their dad is a real-life superhero. That’s the reason why we came up with a lovely idea, and it is to wear a superhero cape with your kids. It probably won’t work for a casual occasion, but you’ll want to try and wear it for photoshoots or picnics.

If you happen to have a red cape, then you’re in luck! Superman also has the same cape as you, so you better pair it with a blue t-shirt. 

2. Old (But Gold!)

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Some dads start young, while others are already old. But no matter how old you are, you should not neglect to maintain your style. And more importantly, you don’t want to wear something too complicated when you’re old. A simple and casual outfit combination made from a white t-shirt and black jeans will be enough. 

3. The Gamer Dad

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You know what they say about boys: they can never grow up. Even when dads already have kids, they can still enjoy life by doing what they love, like playing games. For this occasion, a simple dad outfit that consists of a denim jacket and a casual shirt might just be a great idea. 

4. “The Street” Dad

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Feeling tired after a whole day taking care of your kids? Perhaps you should go to the streets and drink some wine in a bar. Of course, you’ll need to wear the right attire for it. We highly recommend you wear the perfect streetwear that consists of a blue hoodie and jeans. 

5. The Fun Dad Outfit

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While some dads are too tired to play with their kids, others will do their best to have fun with the little ones. Fortunately for you, fun dads won’t have to worry about their dad outfits too much. Something as simple as wearing a plain t-shirt will suffice. 

Suppose you do believe that wearing a plain t-shirt fits your style, then up the ante by asking your child to wear a matching outfit! It will be fun and adorable. 

6. The Tired Dad

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As fun and lovely it is to take care of a baby, it sure does take up a lot of energy. What’s worse is that your kid never seems to get tired at all. Therefore, you can probably reflect your tiredness by wearing a funny shirt with a “low battery” picture on it. 

If you think the idea of wearing a “low battery” shirt is fun, wait until you buy a “full battery” shirt for your kid. When both of you wear it at the same time, it will be very cute and adorable. 

7. The Working Dad

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Most dads still work in an office, as they need to find a way to provide for their family. Even though office attire is made up of formal wear, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look good in it. Make sure to find a nice white shirt to pair with gray jeans or pants. 

While those two outfits are enough to make you look presentable, you can still upgrade your look a bit. Perhaps, wearing a matching tie is a good idea. If you want to, you can also wear a suit that matches the color of your pants. 

8. The Golfing Dad

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Older dads love to spend their retirement days playing golf with their friends. Younger dads also love to play golf with their friends or clients from work. That’s why you should really find the perfect golfer dad outfit for the occasion. 

Should you wonder what attire suits you best, we strongly suggest you pair dark blue jeans with a red shirt. Down below, you can wear a pair of white sneakers that will match well with your golf gloves. 

9. The Calm Dad

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Fun dads are crazy and hyperactive, while wise dads are normally calm and cool. If you’d like to ally yourself with the latter, then make sure that your selection of dad outfits reflects it. Wear something with calm colors, like a blue polo shirt and gray pants. 

10. Beige and White Outfit for Dad

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Source: S.O.S Pedro

A combination of beige and white will always result in something beautiful and elegant. Dads who’d like to show off their classy side need to take a look at this idea! A beige shirt and white pants are all you need to own. We also noticed people who wore sunglasses with this ensemble and looked cool, so make sure to try that as well.   

11. Match Your Outfits with the Children

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Finding the right dad outfit for yourself is a fun thing to do, but finding matching outfits that you can wear with your children will be a lot more fun! However, we don’t need to think of something complicated. Instead, a pair of black outfits might suffice. If you have a daughter, she can also wear a black minidress or tank top.

Yes, it’s fun to wear matching outfits with your daughter or son. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear something extra to differentiate yourself from them. A simple accessory like a baseball cap might just be enough to do the trick. 

12. Wear Matching Outfit for the Whole Family

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As a family man, you might want to wear matching outfits with your entire family member. That’s the reason why we recommend a family-friendly color that fits the entire family member. We’ve noticed how light blue or sage green outfits are perfect for this scenario, so please consider them. 

Even if your wife and daughter wore a full-on sage green dress, you could still wear something different down below. As an example, you can wear a sage green shirt and pair it with black shorts! 

13. The Soccer Dad Outfit

dad outfit

Moms aren’t the only ones who are allowed to watch and cheer their children on at a soccer match. In fact, you can also be a cool soccer dad. Just make sure that you have the right dad outfit for the occasion. Perhaps, a combination between a denim shirt and black jeans might be enough. 

The combination of a denim shirt and black jeans is so casual and stylish. Still, you can look cooler with the right accessories. As an example, a pair of white sneakers will be great, especially when you also wear a nice hat up top. If David Beckham can look cool in it, we bet that you can too. 

14. BBQ Dad Outfit


Don’t deny it. We do know that you love to host a barbeque party with close neighbors or friends. Here’s a tip for dads who love to do it: the key isn’t only to buy delicious meats but also to wear an amazing BBQ dad outfit. A simple and casual way to accomplish the feat is to wear a polo shirt that is paired with denim shorts. You can also wear sunglasses to create a more relaxed vibe. 

15. Wear Orange Shirt!

Did you know that wearing an orange shirt can also be a great idea worthy of inclusion on our list of cool dad outfits? Asides from making you look gorgeous and handsome, an orange shirt will also be perfect for a cheerful day on the lake. Moreover, it can also be paired with a brown baseball cap and sunglasses. 

16. Yellow and White Outfit


A dad outfit that takes advantage of the magnificent pairing of a yellow polo shirt and gray shorts. After all, this ensemble really emanates a cheerful and fun vibe. You can even wear a black belt and wrap it around the shorts, should you feel that they’re a bit loose. 

17. Floral Outfits


Floral outfits are the perfect dad outfit that you can use for a relaxing occasion. You can even find a matching floral outfit to wear alongside your kid. It will be perfect for a day at the beach, park, or garden. You can also wear a Hawaiian shirt as an alternative. 

18. Shirts and Shorts


Semi-formal shirts are normally better suited to pair with formal, long pants (or at least jeans). But casual and relaxed dads might want to try out a combination that involves wearing shorts. Gray shorts will be a great option, especially if you’re considering wearing a dark blue shirt that is perfect for a casual occasion. 

19. Beach Dad Outfit

Floral outfits work perfectly for a day at the beach, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the only dad outfit that you can use there. As a matter of fact, something as simple as wearing a combination of a blue shirt and black shorts will be enough to do the trick. Trust us: you’ll look handsome and cool in it. 

20. Wear a Striped Shirt

The striped shirt is a really awesome dad outfit for outdoor activities. It exudes elegance and happiness, and that makes it perfect for a loving dad like you. We highly recommend a simple combination in the form of black and white. This way, you can combine it with black skinny jeans. 

21. Blue and Black

A dad outfit that is made up of a combination of blue and black is really versatile, as it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. Feeling lazy at home? This ensemble is perfect! Want to shop with your daughter? Yes, you can also use the same formula. 

It’s really easy to make this ensemble a reality. All you need to do is walk to your closet and get a blue shirt, then pair it with comfortable black pants. Then, you’re all set!

22. Wear a Multi-layered Outfit

In a cold area, wearing a multi-layered outfit might be good to prevent the flu. But in a warmer part of the world, you can use a multi-layered dad outfit as a means to look cool and fashionable. You can find nice jeans to wear as well as a white shirt. Then, cover the shirt with a denim jacket that has a matching color to your jeans. 

23. Sporty Dad Outfit


No matter how old you are, no one has the right to stop you from doing what you love, and that also includes playing the sports you like. For a relaxing sports game, you can try and wear an all-white outfit. A white shirt that is coupled with white sports shorts and sneakers is a really cool idea to consider! 

24. Wear a Bright Outfit

No parent would want their children to know when they’re down and sad. They should be happy and spread a positive attitude at all times. One way to do that is by wearing a dad outfit that screams happiness. You can do that by wearing a combination of a long-sleeved red shirt and brown shorts!

25. Young Dad Outfit


Being a parent doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re old. In fact, you can still look young, provided that you can gather the right component to assemble a cool dad outfit. One stylish idea is to wear a simple white tank top paired with denim shorts. 

A stylish dad also needs to wear the right accessories to accompany the overall outfit. A simple way to accomplish the feat is by using a pair of white sneakers! Try it out now and see for yourself. 

26. Plaid Shirt

These days, people love to wear plaid shirts. Well, the question is, why not? They are classy yet cool, and they can be used for both formal and casual occasions. Furthermore, you can also pair them with any pants that you have!

27. Gray and Blue Outfit


Young dads who want to find the perfect dad outfit shouldn’t worry too much, as we have a lot of awesome dad outfits that you can copy! Here’s another one, and it’s so freaking cool. This time, you can try and mix a gray shirt with blue jeans. 

Even though we didn’t specify which kind of blue jeans you should wear, we highly suggest you wear light blue ones. The reason is simple, and it’s because it matches your shirt better than a dark one. Down below, you can wear a pair of Converse shoes as well. 

28. White and Brown Outfit


Hold on for a minute, ‘cause we still have plenty of awesome dad outfit ideas for you! Another cool alternative for young dads who want to have a casual look is to wear a white shirt with dark brown shorts. For a sunny day at the park, you can also wear a nice pair of sunglasses!

29. Stylish Dad Outfit

Source: Magazine

Let’s bash the stereotype that says that dads can’t wear stylish outfits. If Ryan Reynolds can look cool, we all can! To do that, you can wear dark outfits in the form of a dark blue shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. Finish off the combination by wearing a stylish black leather jacket. We can’t really say anything more, as it looks dope and cool as heck! 

30. Embracing the Dad Life


Even though you’re a stylish dude that loves to wear awesome outfits, you must still remember that you’re a dad that is responsible for the well-being of your family. You should embrace and be proud of it. One way to do that is by showing it off through your outfit of choice. An all-black outfit that also includes a “dad shirt” might still make you look cool and trendy too!

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