Dress over Trousers | Outfit for Cold Spring Days.

dress over trousers outfit for cold

Early Spring can be tricky (style-wise), especially in cooler climates.The sun may be shining, but it is sometimes only 8 degrees outside, and it could rain any minute… or even snow! (Yep, you read that correctly. Welcome to Scotland.). dress over trousers outfit for cold
March is not the time to disrobe.
However, we can still get that spring-like feeling and keep the layers.

dress over trousers outfit for cold

I started this look with a pair of vintage clip-on earrings.
Straight from the 80’s.
(Thanks Mum!)
They came to me with a matching bangle, making an old fashioned set, brilliant fun!
I could not resist wearing them with a bold red lip.

This vintage duo (and my red lips) seemed the perfect partner for a cool cotton dress.
This dress is a old one, and so versatile.
It is double layered and has perfectly placed pockets (I love a good pocket).

The organic cotton fabric is comfortable in hot weather (I can dream, can’t I?) and can be layered up easily when the weather is cooler.
Loose dresses, like this one, also look great with a belt and sandals.

Today, I popped a ribbed polo neck underneath and a fine knit cropped cardigan over the top.
Both items add interest and warmth.
My grey skinny jeans (with a fine thermal layer under them) kept the look light in colour, but still cosy.

{See these grey jeans in action: Here (with a puffer), Here (with hot pink) and Here (with a gent’s shirt)}

I decided to wear my ugly shoes again, too.
They are so comfortable, especially with these luxurious socks inside them!

My red, mini saddle bag, and a pair of tortoiseshell glasses, finished things off perfectly.

dress over trousers outfit for cold

Please let me know your tricks for dressing on cooler days.
Or, do you leap straight from Winter to Summer where you live?

I love to hear your thoughts…

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Glasses: Primark (these are super-cool)
Dress: People Tree (this is nice)
Cardigan: Unknown (this one is similar)
Polo neck: Topshop
Bag: A gift (similar)
Jeans:Forever 21
Shoes: Clarks originals (these ones are cool, and on sale!)
Socks: Cos (these are lovely!)
Earrings and bangle: Vintage (these earrings are stunning and this bangle is beautiful, and fun!)
Lips: Wet and wild

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