Easy Halloween Costume | Zombie Bride

easy halloween costume zombie

It’s almost that time again. easy halloween costume zombie bride.
My favourite party of the year…
Wooo Hooo!
(or should that be Wooooooooo Boo!)

I LOVE dressing up and scaring my way around the neighbourhood.

Today I’m sharing an easy costume with you.
Minimal effort… maximum impact!

easy halloween costume zombie

I wanted a bride outfit with some real impact.
Unfortunately, costumes you find in specialist shops (and websites) tend to over-priced and a bit limp-looking.

In order to get a costume with some serious oomph, you need to part with serious amounts of cash.

I’m not a fan of paying over the odds, so I went on a trawl through the charity shop websites.

Low and behold, I found a ‘real’ vintage wedding dress (complete with veil, garland and even a garter) for £20.
Yes… twenty pounds.
I snapped it up!

(The bonus being I was donating my money to a good cause.)

easy halloween costume zombie

was intending on tearing and staining the dress with tea but it seemed like such a shame to mess it up… I think the fabric is real silk!

So I decided to use a piece of grey organza to give a ghostly appearance without any tearing.
Tearing and staining would have had a better effect but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it!

Once I had this amazing dress it was easy to make it corpse-like with the organza, a grey wig, some lace gloves and black roses.
‘Ugly’ makeup finished things off easily.

I was going to make a Youtube video of this makeup look but there are REAL makeup artists who can show you a lot better than me!

If you want some serious gore and full-on-scare-the-kids-half-to-death then check this one out… AMAZING!!

Will you be dressing up this year?
I’d LOVE to hear all about it!

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