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get thick skin fake

I have a pretty thick skin, which has slowly developed over the years, and holds me in good stead when it comes to the rigours of daily life.
Backhanded compliments, and even direct insults, roll off me like water off a duck’s back.
I can safely say that I’m not easily offended!

I’m well aware of my flaws and limitations.
Nothing anyone can say isn’t something I’ve either heard before (I’ve had some hum-dingers over the years) or thought myself.
I’ve made peace with all my imperfections.

So, when I was asked…

“Are dungarees really in fashion again?”

{Whilst being looked up and down (with a curled-lip-face)… in my dungarees!}
I didn’t feel offended, or upset.
I just laughed it off, with a shrug of my shoulders.

As I was laughing at the absurdity of the comment I realised that some people do get hurt, and upset, by actions like these… and that made me a little annoyed.

get thick skin fake

Fake fabulous is a place where I am free to express myself, and you are free to have an opinion about it.
Which you may, or may not, share in the comments.
That is the nature of blogging.

However, you don’t expect people to come up to you in ‘real life’ and say things like…

“Gosh, that dress looks bloody awful on you!”

The first thing to realise is anyone who looks you up and down before making a snide comment is an idiot!

Nothing nice to say?
Well, Shut up!

{Unless of course you have ASKED someone for their honest opinion. Even then comments can always be constructive, rather than nasty.}

Secondly, whether or not a item is ‘in fashion’ is irrelevant.
If you like it, wear it.

Fashion is a fickle facade.
Yes, it’s fun.
Yes, it’s artistic and expressive.
Yes, I love it.
At the end of the day, it’s all about you and your choices.
YOU make things stylish and in fashion!

So, Are dungarees in fashion then?

Erm, who knows and who cares!

I like them.
I’m wearing them.
That’s all that matters.

get thick skin fake

How to get a thicker skin

So, how can you get a thicker skin then?
It takes time, and practise, but it’s worth it!

If someone says something you find offensive, or hurtful, the best way to handle it is to shrug your shoulders, and ignore them.
No matter how much it hurts inside.
Don’t let them see they have hurt your feelings.

{Even if you have to disappear into the ladies to take a minute to compose yourself.}

Take a deep breath, suck it up, and remember something VERY important.

Nasty people are the way they are because they are unhappy with themselves.
It’s not really anything to do with you.
They may be envious of your (real or perceived) confidence, and are trying to pull you down in order to feel better about themselves.
Or, maybe you are just the closest target.

Either way, ignore them.

If you don’t react (or even better laugh) they will soon get fed up and leave you alone.

Believe me, it works… and it’s well worth the effort.

Have you ever received a backhanded compliment (or a bare faced insult) about something you were wearing, or the way you look?
How did you handle it?
Are you more confident now than you were when you were younger?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.
I would love your opinion on this!

DUNGAREES: Boden teen section…. similar.
BOOTS: XTI… similar.
TOP: Primark… similar.
CARDIGAN: Fat Face… similar.

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