Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer! 7 Favourite SPRING outfits

goodbye spring hello summer

It’s time to say goodbye to spring and hello to the Scottish summer.
Cheerio to thermal baselayers.
Hello to bare ankles and maybe even a spot of suncream!

Here is a round-up of my favourite spring outfits.
Which is your favourite?

1. Vintage spots and OTK boots.

This look is my favourite!
I love this (maybe) vintage dress, the boots and the layers.
Pop over to the original post… Vintage dress outfit… and find out the story behind it.

2. Tartan and Denim.This multicoloured Tartan dress was a gift from a friend.
Isn’t it great when a dress fits perfectly?

goodbye spring hello summer

This multicoloured Tartan dress was a gift from a friend.
Isn’t it great when a dress fits perfectly?

Not just on your body but into your life!

This dress seems to go with anything and fit in anywhere.
Don’t you just love that?

3. Hero Cardigan.

goodbye spring hello summer

This outfit is all about My ugly cardigan.
One of my favourite pieces of clothing, and it only cost me £1!
It’s certainly a marmite item (love it or hate it, no middle ground).
I love it but it’s hardly ‘fashionable’.
Or is it?

Imagine how delighted I was to find a recent article in Vogue all about the ugly, chunky ‘HERO’ cardigan making a comeback.
The uglier the better!

4. Matchy Matchy…

I love this casual matched up look.
So simple and comfortable.
The post is all about matching accessories without looking twee.
Read 4 ways to match your accessories HERE.

5. Cold spring pastels.

I wore this Pastel Outfit when I wanted to lighten things up a little but it was far too cold to take off the layers.
I’m layered up to the max here, nice and cosy.

6. Bold Red Trousers.

I love this Red trouser outfit.
Red trousers are so easy to mix and match with different pieces to create completely different looks.
A classic in any wardrobe!

7. Purple and Pink statement knit.

It’s another statement knit.
(There seems to be a theme here!)
Bold and brash.
This time my statement knit is a jumper that is perfect for lazy day outfits.
A jumper that does all of the work for you… what’s not to love?!

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