Honest Beauty Review ARK Advanced Action Plumping Lip Cream

honest beauty review ark advanced action plumping lip cream

I’m really liking the British beauty brand, ARK Skincare. honest beauty review ark advanced action plumping lip cream
I have a few of their products now and they perform well on my 46 year old fizzogg!
See more about my thoughts on some other products HERE.

{Oh, by the way, Fizzogg = Face}

My skin can be reactive and I’m always happy to find something that doesn’t make my face turn into a purple radiator.
Clinique, Clarins and Neal’s yard are big offenders for me.
My skin says…


honest beauty review ark advanced action plumping lip cream

It’s a treatment cream to be used as a lip primer or an over-night treatment.
It is designed to keep your lipstick in place for longer, whist nourishing the lips, BUT in the current climate of mask-wearing I haven’t been wearing lip colour at all.
Just the occasional coloured lip balm.
(I can’t stand the stickiness.)

I HAVE been wearing bright lipstick on my days off.

(Because… why not, eh?)

However, it’s hard to road-test the longevity of a lipstick primer when you’re at home constantly drinking tea and munching on one thing or another.

When out and about (and at work) I’ve been using this lip cream as a lip treatment during the day.
I decanted a few pumps into a small pot for my handbag bag and the big bottle is next to my bed.
I’m smearing it all around my mouth at night and rubbing the excess on my forehead 11s… it works surprisingly well.
You only need a tiny amount.
{A quarter of a pump is more than enough for mouth and forehead lines!}

You get 15mls of product for £32.
Not cheap by any stretch, but mine seems to be lasting forever and a teeny tiny amount genuinely goes a long way.
The lip cream disappears in to the skin easily and feels comfortable.

honest beauty review ark advanced action plumping lip cream

The top price tag is uncomfortable for me to recommend BUT it does work out decent value as long as you don’t go crazy pumping it out of the bottle.

The only negative, for me, is not specific to this product BUT generally for the range.

Much as I love the luxurious packaging (and beautiful wrapping for delivery too!… so special.)
I’m hoping that ARK change their packaging very soon…
The products ARE beautiful BUT I would much prefer a fully recyclable product.
OR, even better, refillable.

Being able to buy a refill for such a luxurious product would be fantastic!

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