How to cover a bloated tummy.

How to cover a bloated tummy

I have this wonderful and romantic ideal when it comes to summer… 

I dream of the sun warming my skin (maybe getting a little sun-kissed and golden??!) whilst looking chic and elegant in simple linen shifts or white cotton sundresses.

Unfortunately, the reality is that I get a bit hot and pink with a slightly swollen stomach! 
Not very elegant, or chic.

I had to think fast…shelving my sundress I went for a pair of tailored cropped trousers. These are the most beautiful fabric and are very comfortable whilst remaining smart-looking.

My T-shirt was injecting some fun. I love the cheeky print! 
It is loose but falls from the bust, not the shoulders, so looks slightly less sloppy. It also looks great with a belt (on less puffy days).

The fine-knit, long, waistcoat added another layer to hide the bloat.
Falling away from my body and making me feel more comfortable and confident, this also looks great belted.

Gold pumps added a bit more zing.

I really think that going for an oversized and sack-like outfit is never a good way to cover up problem areas. 
Focus on the slenderest parts of your body, and expose them, to give the illusion of an allover slimmer silhouette. 
My slender ankles never seem to puff up, so they came out to help me today. 
If yours tend to swell, give them space in some comfortable shoes and a wide legged trouser and accentuate your beautiful neck or wrists (or both) instead. 

What are your top tips for beating the bloat and remaining cool in warmer weather? Please share in the comments.

How to cover a bloated tummy

T-shirt: People Tree
Waistcoat: Topshop
Trousers: ME&EM
Shoes: Boden
Earrings: Roam
Glasses: Calvin Klein
Watch: Ice

How to cover a bloated tummy

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