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Evening wear in the daytime?

Surely this can’t look good, especially on the over 40’s.
Questions sprang into my head:

  • Will I look like I have slipped too far down the road of eccentric-dressing and into bonkers-dressing territory?
  • Is wearing evening clothes in the cold light of day just embarrassing and an unfortunate symptom of “laundry day” syndrome when all other wardrobe options have been exhausted?
  • Will it be assumed that I am on a “Walk of shame”?*

Well, not one to be put off my a clothing challenge, I decided to go for it…

I bypassed my cocktail gown (for the moment anyway) and moved onto what I call my “Christmas Holiday Skirt”.
It has many tiny and sparkly, bugle beaded little flaps of fabric all over it and a odd ‘raggy’ hemline.
Definitely a Marmite item.
For those who don’t know, Marmite is something you either love or hate…there is no sitting on the fence and saying “it’s OK” for this one!

I usually wear it to cook Christmas dinner, with black opaques, comfortable (and slightly boring) velvet wedges and a sparkly christmasy jumper, not today though!

I decided to pair it with a basic Breton Tee, which can be a little predictable, and see how it worked out.
The clash and contrast was quite unusual and I liked the look of it.

I then added a duster coat in a bright orangey-red which clashed, very satisfyingly, with the skirt (Wearing shades of red head-to-toe is going to be HUGE this AW15, see the Marie Claire trend report).

I kept my accessories to a minimum because the skirt was shouting “look at me!!” quite loudly and I did not want to look like a Christmas tree decoration, BUT I could not resist my blue suede heels and this (slightly over the top colour, but small enough in size) clutch.

I have to admit that a few more heads than usual turned to look at me in this outfit…some with a puzzled expression on their faces BUT I always remember Mae West’s wise words,

“Better to be looked over than over-looked”.

Anyway, confidence is all you need.
If you feel good and project confidence, then you inevitably look good….irrespective of your outfit choices, shape, size, or age!
A big smile is the best accessory.
Even if you really lack confidence, inside…Fake it on the outside! Shoulders back and a confident stride. Fake being fabulous and people will think you ARE fabulous… they just can’t help it.

Would you wear evening wear in the daytime?
What makes you feel confident?

Have a great day.

Breton T-shirt: ME&EM
Skirt: Vintage
Coat : Hearts & Hands by Cecilia Hammarborg
Clutch: TkMaxx
Shoes: Nine West

how to style evening
how to style evening

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