How to wear Chunky Houndstooth and White Boots

how to wear chunky houndstooth and white boots

how to wear chunky houndstooth and white boots


It’s time to hit REFRESH!

If you’re anything like me and your style has gotten a little (READ: a lot) stagnant over the past few months… Maybe even BORING?!?… It’s time to do something about it.

Don’t worry though….

There’s no need to purge your possessions, go minimal or splash the cash on a whole set of new clobber.

This style refresh can be done using what you already own!

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how to wear chunky houndstooth and white boots

I’m not interested in buying NEW stuff this year either.

Not even those special new-to-me items… i.e. Charity shopped and eBayed purchases (although these can be hard to resist sometimes, can’t they?)

I AM, however, interested in shaking up my style and finding new ways to express myself.

Most of us will be resigned to having a limited (READ: non-existent) social life for the foreseeable…with ZERO requirement for party wear.

Having said that, We all want to look NICE.

Modern and fresh.

In times of trouble we can easily lose sight of ourselves, so it’s more important than EVER to keep hold of who we are insideā€¦.
Clothes, hair and makeup may seem trivial (compared to what’s going on in the world) BUT maintaining something of our old selves can keep us smiling and (more importantly) keep us SANE!

how to wear chunky houndstooth and white boots

Today’s outfit has everything I need.

  • Comfort.
  • Warmth.
  • Personality.

The Holy-Style-Trinity for winter in SCOTLAND!

After my usual thermal base layers (leggings, roll-neck top and 2x wool socks) baggy MOM jeans and a boxy cropped knit make up the backbone of this look.

These are modern shapes that can be worn by ANY AGE.

In my opinion, no matter the scores on the doors (whether you’re age 16 or 66)… this outfit would look great!

These baggy jeans are cropped and work well in summer with sandals (or sliders) as well as winter with boots.

{Especially WHITE BOOTS šŸ˜…. I’m in love}

A padded gilet adds warmth (and pulls the white to the middle of this look) and a CAMEL COAT adds just enough grown-up-chicness to smarten up an otherwise super-casual outfit.

A cosy cashmere hat, leather gloves and a small bag finish the look off nicely.


HOUNDSTOOTH KNIT: charity shopped pre-lockdown (originally H&M)

WASHED BLACK MOM JEANS: ONLY (a few years old now)

VEGAN (NYLON) BOOTS: Dr Martens (a Christmas gift… from Me!!)

SOCKS: Gent’s sports socks (black with white hoops)




POM POM LEATHER GLOVES: Charity shopped a few years ago.

CASHMERE HAT: Gifted a few years ago fromĀ Italy in Cashmere. Still going strong.


I don’t want you to feel like you have to SHOP in order to recreate (or be inspired by) ANY outfit.

Although I’m guessing that if you have landed here you may already own something with a houndstooth pattern AND/OR white boots?

If not, it’s no problem at all.

Let’s start with the basics….

If you’re not a fan of the MOM style jean you can easily swap them out for a good-old skinny number.

{However, a loser fit will look more modern… so maybe try a straight cut jean instead?}

If you struggle to feel modern in MOM jeans try sizing up to give yourself room at the thigh.
Tight thighs on your supposed-to-be-baggy jeans can look seriously FRUMPY.
You can always take in the waistbandā€¦. there are plenty of great tutorials online to help you do this successfully!

The houndstooth knit can be swapped for any houndstooth top OR any black and white patterned jumper.
Polka dots or checks would look fab.

The white boots are my hero item here but yours don’t have to be so chunky!!
A more ladylike white ankle boot would look amazing OR white leather trainers, if your climate allows.

The camel coat could be swapped for a camel blazer or long cardigan and, of course, the gilet is an optional cosy extra!

The feel of this look is simple but bold.
Casual but elevated.
A basic balancing act.

I’d love to hear how you would choose to do it!

Say hello in the comments below OR Tag me your version of this look onĀ Instagram @fakefabulousĀ 


Have you given up on any previous fashion favourites this year?

Some examples…

High Heels and/or uncomfortable shoes?

Stiff Tailoring or Tight Jeans?

What about Underwired bras?!?!

{I’ve ditched the heels and the underwire… happy feet and boobies.}

I’d love it if you share what you’ve shelved!

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