How to wear culottes part 3 : Do culottes look good on anyone?

This is how to wear culottes part 3 and my third attempt at dressing in culottes. …and possibly the last!. Do culottes look good an anyone?

how to wear culottes part 3
how to wear culottes part 3

The reason being is that my youngest daughter said to me (as I was heading out to take my photographs).

“Mummy, could these culottes not ruin your blog?”
Children are honest, very honest.
They have no ulterior motive.

I tried to laugh it off as I headed outside BUT it did get me thinking….are some ‘fashion‘ items just unwearable for real people? Should I stop trying to make these culottes work for me?

Then the heavens opened.
Was this poetic justice?

As I looked through my shots afterwards, I realised that not one of them contained a smile.
Oh dear, culottes….have you beaten me??

What do you think?
Culottes, yes or no?

Culottes: Matalan
Cropped T-shirt: Sisley
Baby cord Bag: Unbranded
Lasered booties/ shoes: XTI
Under Top: Marks and Spencers (thermal)
Silk Scarf: Moschino
Perspex necklace: Boden
Umbrella: Samsonite

P.S I will not be beaten! Culottes with tights and boots. A winter post perhaps?

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