Indoor photographs : Wearing Neon

Should we be indoor photographs wearing neon, over 40? Of course we should! (If we want) We can wear whatever we want at any age.

I love a pop of neon.
I wish I could pull off a full-on blast but, it is not a colour that suits me on a large scale.
It, unfortunately, washes me out.
But, that won’t stop me wearing an accessory or two!
Winter is the perfect season for a cheerful burst of neon colour.

If you love the idea of neon but find it a bit in-your-face, try a couple of small accessories.
Even a tiny pop can make all of the difference.

Today, I also decided to have a go at taking my own photographs (again) this time indoors.

My main problem is that my house is so jam-packed full of people, that there is not a spare inch of empty wall to be found.
The clean lines and pure white spaces that other bloggers seem to have in their homes, is so far from my reality, that it makes me laugh.
Every square foot of my home has it’s own accumulation of ‘stuff’.

However, desperation had set in.
I had no blog photographs.
None at all.
Many great outfits had gone by without being captured.

The light indoors is awful and the “set” is worse.
But, I had to do something!

Indoor photographs : Wearing Neon
This is my first indoor effort.

This is my first indoor effort.
My camera is on a tripod in my girl’s room and the only light is coming from the spots, in the hall.
I just enhanced the image and attempted to edit out the clutter. I know I need more practise at this!

As you can see from the un-retouched shot (below) this “studio” is actually a bit of a mess.
Complete with thermostat, art and a towel rail!
Not very glamorous.
And, not quite that slick (and perfect) bloggers life.

Indoor photographs : Wearing Neon
today’s outfit

At least today’s outfit was captured on digital film though, which is an improvement!

My look was all about bright colour and warmth.
When piling on the layers, in winter, many people neglect their legs but they can get chilled too.
Don’t forget to layer them up and look after them!
Thermal leggings or tights are great under jeans, very cosy.
I am wearing thermal leggings under these grey skinnies.

I wore my favourite boots (again) and some grey, wool knee socks, adding more warmth.
See my favourite boots here (with a white dress) and here (with red).
Because my legs were so toasty this meant I could wear a shorter coat.

This wool reefer is a favourite of mine.
It has a pale grey base with a darker grey, red and yellow tartan design.
I think is goes with just about anything, especially this neon trimmed bag!

I decided to wear my hot pink sweatshirt dress.
Popping a red polo neck underneath and a grey cropped cardigan over the top.
Lots of lovely layers for warmth, and plenty of colour for winter cheer.

Indoor photographs : Wearing Neon
look off with a neon necklace

I finished the look off with a neon necklace, watch and a cluster of pom poms (what else?!).

Luckily, my youngest came home from school quickly and (while there was just a glimmer of light) we rushed outside.
“Mum, what’s happening with your hair?”
“It’s going crazy!”
Freezing and ferocious wind, whipping around was no fun at all.
Our teeth were chattering.
“Leap mum! Do some leaps!”
This is getting to be a great tradition.
My little photographer knows how to have fun!

Not a slick and perfect blogger’s life.
Just my normal (and a bit on the messy side) life.
But we sure know how to laugh!

Do you ever take indoor photographs in your own perfect space? Or do you have a messy life, like mine?

Jeans: Forever21
Pink swing top : Forever21 (sold out now but this one is similar)
Boots: CAT (very old, from Ebay)…similar
Red poloneck: La redoute (this one from M&S is nice, and reduced!)
Coat: Boden (old) This one from J Crew is stunning!
Grey cropped cardigan: M&S (very old) This one is similar and even has a pink contrast inside!
Necklace: Primark
Watch: Swatch
Bag: Boden…I can’t find anything like it….This one is nothing like it but loads of fun!
Scarf: A gift (try this one)

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