Its Floppy Hat Wide Fedora & a Zig Zag Coat.

its floppy hat wide fedora

I love wearing a hat, and I think they can look good on everyone. its floppy hat wide fedora zig zag coat
{See THIS post which includes some great hat wearing inspiration.}

If you can’t get away with wearing a hat at this time of year, when can you?
Okay, there is always summer… I hear you!
However, there is often very little call for a sunhat in Scotland.
Rain hat?
Not so much.

For me, winter is the perfect time to experiment with headgear.
Donning a hat can also save your hair.
Preventing frizz, and potentially hiding a bad hair day.
Thank goodness for that!
My growing-out-pixie-hair is desperately needing a tidy up (I’m getting it cut tomorrow).
Wearing a hat is the perfect cheat!

{Yeah, my hair looks great underneath this…ahem…}

its floppy hat wide fedora

In my mind, this hat is a mixture of different styles.
Part wide fedora, and part cowboy.
Yee haw!

{My husband was whistling the music to “The good, the bad and the Ugly” while taking these pictures…he is so cheeky!}

I suppose this hat is technically a wide brimmed fedora, but there is no denying the cheeky cowboyishness of this style.
This hat has plenty of personality (even in this neutral taupe shade) and makes me walk a little taller.

its floppy hat wide fedora

Wearing a hat can really lift your mood, and cheer you up.

{See this post with some tips to help you rock your hat}

However, no amount of hat-love can hide the fact that any style of hat is pretty tricky to wear.
A hat can make you feel self conscious, especially when people look at you (which they will) and then there is the dreaded hat hair to contend with.
Although today my hat was hiding my desperately-needs-at-hat hair!

{On a good hair day, I flip my tresses to the opposite side before popping on my hat. This helps prevent loss of volume.}

Under my coat I am wearing a plain slim fitting jumper, and my tobacco coloured jeans (see them more clearly here).
I was going to be in this coat for most of my day, so that was the focus of my look.
A simply shaped jacket, like this one, is the perfect partner for a structured hat.

A cool scarf (borrowed from my daughter), OTK boots and my trusty old grab bag finished things off nicely!

Over-the-knee boots are perfect for keeping you cosy and warm.
I realise that these OTK boot might be a step too far for some people.
A pair of plain(ish) ankle boots, like THESE, would work beautifully too.

Are you wearing a hat this winter?
Do you ever use headwear to hide a bad hair day?
Please share your thoughts in the comments.
I love hearing from you!

COAT: Boden… this one is nice!
JEANS: M&S (I like these)
SCARF: Borrowed from my daughter… Yes please to this one!
HAT: M&S (similar)
BOOTS: Duo (similar)
BAG: Hidesign (similar…and on sale!)
GLOVES: Dents (similar)

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