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last minute outfit summer

This outfit was a last-second-throw-on look for an impromptu afternoon/evening out. last minute outfit summer style
I was going out for a mixture of (minimal) shopping AND lots of nonsense.
(One or two dirty martinis may have been involved.)

Needless to say, I had a great time!

This outfit was a last-minute throw on and, much like my emergency I’ve-slept-in outfit, needed minimal thought!

{Read more about an emergency outfit HERE}

All I did was grab a selection of pieces that I love and have never let me down.

last minute outfit summer

When I’m in a rush I tend to grab trousers or jeans.
Today I stuck to my comfort zone and chose my khaki cullotes.
They’re easy to style, comfortable to wear and perfect for showing off my grey sandals (one of my favourite pairs of shoes).

I paired them with a simple camisole and a linen/chiffon waistcoat.
My go-to items.
Style staples.

Simple earrings and a zebra print belt finished things off perfectly.

{I also had a black quilted bag with me which I forgot to include here!}

last minute outfit summer


For my makeup, I started with some gentle concealer but only in a couple of strategic places (under eyes and around my mouth).
I didn’t bother with foundation and powder.
It’s summer after all and I quite like a super dewy look.
I added a smudge of light creamy eyeshadow (in a light beige/gold) and a lick of mascara.
A slick of red sparkly lipgloss and I was good to go.

My hair was simply a case of puffing it up and spaying the roots with a gentle hairspray.

No time for muss and fuss!

(Plus, my hair ALWAYS looks worse the more I do to it!
I’m growing it at the moment and it seriously objects to being “styled” too much.)


You could easily swap out culottes for YOUR perfect bottom-half staples:

  • Midi skirt
  • Full pleated skirt
  • Cropped jeans
  • Paper-bag trousers

Adding a camisole in your favourite colour and a top layer makes for an interesting look.

What would you throw on if I knocked on your door NOW and said:

“Come on!”
“We’re going out!”

What would you grab from your wardrobe?
A dress?
What about your makeup? 
A red lip?
A super-fast smokey eye?

I love to know!

CAMISOLE: No labels…old
WAISTCOAT: Charity shopped
SHOES: All Saints (very old)
BELT: River Island

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