Longline Wool Tunic, Vinyl Leggings & Lace Boots

longline wool tunic vinyl

Leggings and a jumper is the ultimate ‘lazy dressing’ outfit, isn’t it? longline wool tunic vinyl leggings & lace boots.
Fortunately, it’s easy to elevate these basics into something cool and fun to wear.
A few tweaks and you can look properly dressed, and not just like you’re popping to put the bins out.

The easiest way to up your leggings/jumper combo game is to play with shapes, colours and textures.
Find a jumper with an interesting shape or colour… or both!
Textured knits can look great… like this bobbly jumper, or this cable one.
As for leggings, avoid those boring black cotton leggings and try colours, patterns, tweed or even vinyl.

{See THIS POST about wearing leggings over 40… or at any age!}

This kind of outfit is great for those days when you need comfort and warmth.
I’m still feeling a little bit under the weather so anything that pinches, squeezes or nips is out of the question!

A simple pair of vinyl leggings and a long cosy tunic were all I needed to make a decent (enough) outfit without compromising on comfort.
Adding a couple of accessories, such as a chunky necklace and fabulous shoes, is an easy way to make an outfit seem pulled together.

longline wool tunic vinyl

Let me tell you about these lace booties…
These boots have been on my radar since they launched over 5 years ago now (I think it’s 5 years, please correct me if I’m wrong!?).
I found the cream version of these boots on eBay shortly after their launch and have loved them SO much.
They go with loads of different looks and always make me smile when I wear them.
{My cream pair still look like new.. see them HERE, worn with a christmas jumper!}

So when the black version popped up on my search I was thrilled to bits.
Bagging these (brand new) beauties for £30.
The original selling price was £220 and that was years ago.
My patience has paid off.
Good things come to those who wait!

{BTW… notice how my socks and shoes look different colours in this photo? How weird the light can be!}

Have you ever waited (patiently) for an item to fall into your lap!
Please share your story by leaving a comment or send me an email at samantha44blair(at)gmail.com.
I’d love to hear your story!

longline wool tunic vinyl

BOOTS: Clarks Originals (found on eBay!)
LEGGINGS: Pamela Mann
JUMPER: River Island (charity shop)
UNDERTOP: La Redoute
NECKLACE: Urban outfitters (old)
SOCKS: Primark kids department.
BAG: Topshop (old)

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