Low Buy UPDATE • The BIG Problem With eBay

low buy update big

It’s been a rocky start! low buy update the big problem with eBay.

This low-buy business is TOUGH.

{The wheels were wobbly this week}

As of last week I was determined to kick-start the positive behaviour of not buying things I don’t need.

I’ve done it in the past but lockdown had made me lazy.

{I’ve written all about my reasons here and how sadness and stress make me shop…as well as other important triggers HERE}

This week was going to be a fresh start.
Less consumption and more saving…
Saving money, time, space AND the environment.

However, this week I ran in to a problem.

A BIG problem called eBay.

low buy update big

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike eBay… 

eBay is fantastic if you’re looking for a bargain.

It’s great if you want to sell things… anything and everything sells on eBay!

You name it, you’ll find it or flog it.
People buy and sell all kinds of things.

Unfortunately, eBay has also been my Achilles heel.
It was more obvious to me this week as my low-buy was in the front of my mind.
I’m not proud of my behaviour.

Find out more in my (full-disclosure) spending diary below….

Dear Diary….
I’m determined to stop wasting money!
I know I’m a soft touch when it comes to recommendations from my fave youtubers and bloggers.
If Catherine is wearing it, I want it.
If Lisa or Nadine say it’s good, I want it.
Even Trinny makes me want to click through and buy….sequins for goodness sake!
What am I thinking?!
Something NEEDS to be done…

So this week I’m on a mission to be a better shopper and a better consumer.

Here goes…


I’ve written my blog post about stopping shopping and I’m pretty happy with it.
I’m now determined not to balls this up with stupid buys.

Positive Actions:

  • Unsubscribed from as many emails as I had in my inbox….. it felt GOOOOD…except cult beauty for some reason.. oooh I felt a little sting there 😓 (Get a grip eh? hahaha)


  • Being easily swayed and SO tempted my silk shirts on eBay. 

(I have a cream silk shirt on my wish list and I had a little browse today)


  • Being proactive by writing about my intentions.
  • Holding myself accountable.
  • Resisting the silk shirt buying on eBay…. SO TEMPTED too!

TOTAL Non-Essential SPEND:


I’ve had an email reminder from Josh Wood top say my root touch up is back in stock…..grrrrr…. I wasn’t going to buy anything….


Sod it!
I’ll buy a couple of tubes and that’s that, no more.
Done and dusted.

Now I feel like I’ve failed because I have other root covering products I could use up…sigh…. BUT, they’re not as good as these…. hmmm… Is this just a list of excuses or what?!

Positive Actions:

  • I took my own food into work instead of buying lunch and snacks.
  • Deleted the ASOS app (that was surprisingly hard!)


  • Found myself on ASOS browsing….why?!?!?! (hence the deleting of the app)


  • Deleting the ASOS app.
  • Not being tempted by the vending machine at work.

TOTAL Non-essential SPEND:

  • £30 (josh wood)



Oh dear… things went seriously downhill today.

I ate all of my lunch at tea break and then bought another lunch at lunchtime… what a greedy guts!
Things then went from bad to worse when I got home…

2 glasses of beer after work and I’m online buying a silk blouse on eBay… sigh.
It’s not even a classic.
Yes, it’s nice (Marlene Berger BNWT, sheer silk AND all proceeds go the charity Barnardos) But not what was on my wish list.

Postive Actions:

  • Identifying MAJOR shopping triggers…Post work stress + Alcohol +eBay!


  • Alcohol and browsing online! (stupid)
  • Buying a blouse I didn’t need.


  • Resisted the temptation to look up outfits I’d seen on street style images (Things could have been worse than one silk blouse!)
  • I realised I can’t be trusted with my phone when I have a beer in my hand😇.

TOTAL Non-essential SPEND:

  • £25 (£5 in M&S and £20 silk shirt)


I’m suffering from a bit of post-shop guilt (and a bigger bit of a sore head TBH!!).
Something needs to be done!

Positive Actions:

  • Stopped buying magazines.
  • I’ve deleted and unsubscribed from all remaining marketing emails in my inbox. It felt good.
  • I moved the eBay app to be harder to find on my phone… within a folder (is it enough though??)

I sell on eBay so I can’t delete the app…. or can I?

I’m torn because it’s so useful yet so dangerous!


  • Being addicted to browsing eBay for things I’ve seen… things that look pretty or just cool. 
  • Browsing online for products mentioned by influencers…. I feel like such a sheep 🐑… Baaaaaa!


  • Resisted the temptation to buy a fashion magazine.
  • Realising eBay is my Nemesis! (Admitting you have a problem is half the solution isn’t it?)


  • £0


A good day!

I bought beers (and bits) for my friend who was visiting but that was it.


I realised that socialising is much better than shopping! Good for the soul.

Postitive Actions:

  • Not shopping!
  • Sitting in the garden in the sun chatting and laughing.


  • None today!


  • Relaxing… properly.

TOTAL Non-essential SPEND:

  • £30 (Beers and bits)


I had a good day today.

No browsing.

No shopping.

I was Mrs Smuggy McSmug! 

I took food to work and didn’t spend a penny…. feeling GOOOOD!

Positive Actions:

  • Not browsing… avoiding eBay.
  • Read my book instead of mindlessly browsing.


  • None today! (Again! Woohoo!)


  • Being organised and taking all food and snacks to work.
  • No online browsing.

TOTALNon-essential SPEND:

  • £0


Today…. was …..sigh…. a fail.

Oh dear…

There I was after my online course…. ONLINE.

Drinking tea.

Munching biscuits (oink)

Online on eBay looking at shoes.

Making offers on shoes.

Buying shoes.

Shoes that I don’t need.

Nice shoes?


Practical Shoes?




Did I need them?

A big FAT NO!!

Not a good day.

Positive Actions:

  • None… feeling weak.


  • eBay…again.


  • None.


  • £23 (2 pairs of Topshop leather shoes. One for work one for play)

So there it is.

Not a great start.

So much for my You may be thinking that these Non-Essential spends are so low, what does it matter?

You may think that you spend more on lunch everyday.

BUT the amount I’ve spent is irrelevant.

It’s the principle of the mindless shopping.

Whether that’s £5 or £500…it’s wrong.

I don’t NEED these things.

I realised something this week.

Something I need to face up too….


I need to delete the app from my phone.

Much as it pains me to do so…

eBay is not my true friend.

{Maybe it’s a Frenemy??}

eBay is the best friend of my frivolous, live for the moment, spending side and the worst enemy of my low-buy, save the planet, save for the future, side.

It weakens my resolve.

Add in beer (or two) and I’m a gonna.

The app has to go….

Can I delete it this week and keep it deleted?

I honestly don’t know!

(That sounds just as pathetic as it is)

I’ll let you know in the next update.

Please let me know how you’ve got on this week too.Did you fair better than me?Any temptations?Any failures?Any triumphs?

I’d love to know.

Leave a comment or drop me an email at the usual address.

low buy update big

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