Me Sarcastic Never Graphic Culottes & Slogan Tee, over 40

me sarcastic never graphic culottes & slogan tee

I’m feeling feisty today! me sarcastic never graphic culottes & slogan tee
This outfit is acting like the stripes on a wasp… a warning to anyone who thinks they can take me on.

Back off.
Don’t even think about it.
The Sass-O-Meter is off the scale.

(Pst… It’s all just a big attitude bluff, but no one knows that apart from you!)

Outfits like this one are a great way to appear confident and in control.
A mixture of patterns, textures and prints.
A little bit of humour.
A little bit of attitude.
A lot of fun!

me sarcastic never graphic culottes & slogan tee

This T-shirt makes me smile.
They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit and I have to agree, but it doesn’t stop me partaking every now and then!

Being sarcastic can be fun… and very funny.
A well-timed sarcastic remark can break the ice and even defuse a tense or stressful situation.
Well placed lighthearted humour can be the best medicine.

However, snarky sarcasm is never a good idea, is it?
Being sarcastic too often puts you in danger of sounding like a smart arse or stupid, and it’s definitely annoying.

Personally, I love a sarcastic quip but it’s only fun if the person on the receiving end ‘gets’ your humour.
Making a fool of someone who doesn’t understand what’s happening is never cool, or particularly funny.
I like being sarcastic with people who I know will fight back and give as good as they get!

me sarcastic never graphic culottes & slogan tee

From sarcasm to culottes…

There’s no clever way to link those two unrelated things is there?

(Unless you can think of a sarcastic quip!)

Culottes don’t seem to be going anywhere for 2018.

I struggled with them initially, but now I love the style!

My feeling towards culottes reminds me of how I used to get my children to eat food they didn’t like.

I just kept giving it to them and eventually, they began to come round to the idea!

I love culottes now and I’m even looking for more.

Longer culottes are very versatile and easy to wear.

I think they look great dressed up and dressed down… any time of year.

I hope they stick around for a while longer.

What do you think about sarcasm and sarcastic comments?

Funny or just pathetic?

What about Culottes?

Are you glad they’re hanging around or can’t wait to see the back of them?

I’d love to hear your opinion on both!

me sarcastic never graphic culottes & slogan tee

CULLOTES: River Island Design Forum…
See them Styled differently HERE, in winter with Red.
HERE, in winter again with Cobalt!
HERE, with beige (yawn) and green. I like these culottes too… and these!
SARCASTIC TEE SHIRT: River Island (charity shopped)… similar.
BLACK SHOES: Clarks… these are fab, and reduced… and these too!
SILK SCARF: Vintage.. this one is nice.
PINK BAG: French Connection
STUDDED BELT: Liebeskind… similar.
LACE SOCKS: Leg Avenue… similar

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