Minimal Effort Outfit Statement Knits

minimal effort outfit statement

“Stand aside Sam, I’ve got this!” minimal effort outfit statement

That’s my jumper doing the talking today.
It’s SO bossy!

This bright and bold vintage knit is the star of an otherwise plain show.

Don’t you just love a bold piece that starts and finishes an outfit?

No need for jewellery.
Just a simple pair of white jeans, silver backless loafers and a pink bag.

minimal effort outfit statement

For me, outfits that involve minimal effort with maximum impact always win.

I can’t be bothered with fuss or discomfort.

Minimal effort doesn’t need to mean dull, boring or drab though.

Neither does it really mean ‘minimal’!

Bold and Colourful.

Easy peasy!

minimal effort outfit statement

This jumper was one of those pieces that shouted out to me…

“Hey, you!”
“Over there, looking at plain white t-shirts”
“Forget about them….they’re too BORING!”
“Look at me!” 


“You NEED me in your life!!”

I couldn’t ignore its siren-like calls and I quickly fell in love.

I’ve had it for a long time and I’ve worn it loads (usually with blue jeans).

Today it makes its online debut!

Do you own any statement knits that do all of the talking for you?
I’d love to hear about them!

JUMPER: Vintage
SILVER SHOES: Vionic (past season but still available, see below)
PINK BAG: Charity shopped
PINK BELT: Boden (old)

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