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summer shoe basics josef

I’m an unashamed shoe lover, and collector. summer shoe basics josef seibel moccasins
Some people collect teapots (random pick there!).
I collect shoes.
It may seem shallow but I’m not sorry.
A good shoe can make your feet very happy.
A bad shoe can ruin your day.

{Find out if loving shoes makes me shallow HERE}

summer shoe basics josef

Some of my shoes I would never wear… they either don’t fit too well and are uncomfortable.
Or, they fit me but are far too delicate for real-life wearing (usually vintage).
These shoes are the beautiful pieces that I will never give away or donate.
They make me happy.

Some shoes I wear infrequently, for special occasions or certain events, and will often give them away to friends (or donate them) when they fall out of favour.

Other shoes get worn and worn and worn…. and worn!
Those are the styles that go with everything and work hard until they can no longer be repaired.

Sometimes I mourn their passing.
It’s SO sad when a good shoe bites the dust!
(Sometimes I wish I’d bought two pairs.)

These special shoes are always extremely comfortable, versatile and well made.

I’m lucky to have a few pairs of such shoes.
Classic but often quirky.
My essential basics.

Today I wanted to share with you a brand that is well known for its comfort and quality.
Josef Seibel shoes are the kind of shoes that won’t cripple your feet.
The ones you can run about in all day without giving your feet a second thought.

When they got in touch with me I knew exactly what I wanted from them!
A pair of light coloured moccasins.

Something light in weight as well as colour.
Something simple and effortless.
Something comfortable!

Summer moccasins/loafers are SO versatile.

A go-to style for all-day errands when sandals just won’t cut it.
Or, for a lighter and brighter work outfit finisher.

Perfect if you’re sick of dark footwear.

{This is a paid collaboration between Josef Seibel and Fake Fabulous but as you know, I only collaborate with brands that I genuinely feel happy to endorse.
Brands that make me feel inspired and confident.
Those companies I believe won’t disappoint you as a customer!}

I’ve been on the lookout for a simple pair of white moccasins for a while now.
Something not too clumpy or formal.
A pair that has a smart-casual feel.
AND… most importantly… a pair that feels super-duper comfortable on my feet.

Uncomfortable heeled shoes are a given (we put up with them from time to time, don’t we?) but I don’t see the point of an uncomfortable FLAT shoe.

Save potential foot pain for those killer-heel events.

These white moccasin loafers have a padded and supportive insole that makes them feel like slippers!
What could be better than that?

summer shoe basics josef

I’m styling them today with blue jeans, a shirt and a velvet blazer.
Such a generic done-to-death outfit but with a few tweaks it becomes more unique to you and your style personality.

Belting the blazer and rolling up the cuffs of the jeans (and the jacket) makes more of an interesting look.
Adding one of my favourite necklaces finishes things off nicely.

These moccasins have been a perfect addition to my spring/summer wardrobe and I’ve been wearing them a lot for work (and play) since they arrived.

{These photos are from a few weeks ago and they’ve been vigorously road-tested since taking these shots!}

You can see other outfits with Josef Seibel shoes in these posts:

  • Classic Red Loafers in this accessory matching outfit.
  • Waterproof boots in this cosy winter outfit.
  • These white loafers with a casual khaki and lilac outfit.


  • Get these white moccasins Elina in White HERE, exclusive to John Lewis and also available in gold.
  • Get a red version (slightly bigger made) Elina in Red HERE, exclusive to John Lewis again and also available in silver.
  • You can browse the entire range HERE at Josef Seibel and find loads of different styles. Including the Elina in classic black.

How would YOU style these moccasins?

I’d love to know!

SHOES: Josef Seibel (c/o)
BAG: Cambridge Satchel Company (old)
BLAZER: Topshop (past season… have a look on eBay for similar!)
BELT: Topshop (very old)
NECKLACE: Tatty Devine (past season)

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