Mixing 3 Patterns • Crazy Times, Crazy Clashes!

mixing 3 patterns crazy

Today, I’m mixing 3 patterns together and although I’ve called this post “Crazy Clashes” the clash isn’t really crazy at all.

The 3 patterns involved in this look are:

  • Checks
  • Leopard
  • Stripes

For me, stripes and leopard are true classics… neutrals, even… so they hardly count as patterns at all!

{Okay, the leopard here is a RED leopard, but it still feels quite classic to me.}

mixing 3 patterns crazy

Mixing Breton stripes and leopard print is a timeless option and always looks good, especially if you swapped out the red leopard for a classic tan-coloured leopard print.

Adding a check is an easy and obvious option for me.
A gent’s checked blazer works well to create an effortless look.

This isn’t really what I was wearing today.
I’ve been slobbing around in joggers and gigantic jumpers.
However, the hairband IS something I’ve been wearing as it does a great job of covering up my grey roots and badly-needing-cut hair!

However, I still wanted to provide you with some light-hearted content during these difficult times.

If you’ve ever fancied trying a “Crazy Clash’ then now is the perfect time to do it!

How do you feel about mixing patterns?
Do you think stripes and leopard are classics that can be classed as neutrals?

SKIRT: OLD (I can’t remember where from and I cut the label, Tesco maybe?)
T-SHIRT: Weekday
BLAZER: Topman (hand-me-down)
SOCKS: Gypsy (old)
BAG: A gift
HEADBAND: Primark (old)
NECKLACE: Tatty Devine (old)

mixing 3 patterns crazy

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