Over 40 Time to get your Twin Set out!

over 40 time to get

over 40 time to get If you’re anything like me you probably have memories of aged relatives and their twee knee skirts, navy pumps and coordinating twin sets. over 40 time to get your twin set out
Stylish in their day (a homage to the film stars of the 40’s) twinsets served a purpose, but were certainly nothing you wanted to wear back in the day!

Roll on 30 years and twinsets are slowly becoming more appealing to me.

BUT… I’m certainly not interested in wearing anything sensible or age-appropriate.

I’m wearing my twinset with a ruffled mini and bare (over 40) legs.

What a Rebel!

over 40 time to get

Adding a simple satchel and some cute Missoni-patterned Converse made for a fun outfit!

over 40 time to get

SHOES: Converse X Missoni (these are similar)
TOPS: Charity shopped… similar top and cardigan.
BAG: Cambridge Satchel Company

Do you remember any elderly relatives wearing twinsets, maybe with pearls?
Would you wear one now?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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