Pale Grey Jumpsuit & Tan Summer Work Outfit

pale grey jumpsuit tan summer

I love mixing warm and cool tones together. pale grey jumpsuit tan summer
They make both feel more wearable and modern.

Today I’m wearing a pale grey jumpsuit with tan shoes and a chunky necklace.
A tan bag would feel a little too matchy-matchy for my liking.

pale grey jumpsuit tan summer

This is definitely a ‘matched’ look but it doesn’t feel too matchy.
Does that make sense?

This colour palette feels perfect for summer.
A great smart option.

I’m also keeping my nails (both fingers and toes) natural in colour.

I’ve been through phases of loving colour on my digits but recently a completely nude look feels more neutral and even elegant.
(This polish is a pale nude-pink with subtle sheen)
I feel a nude look is more “me”.
It’s also much more practical for my busy life.

{Laboratory PPE and nail polish don’t really go together at all!}

pale grey jumpsuit tan summer

An outfit like this is simple but very impactful.
Sometimes a neutral and simple look has just as much oomph as a bold and bright look!

Are you a ‘pale neutrals’ kind of girl?
Or, a colour-clasher?
OR… does an all-black outfit do it for you?

JUMPSUIT: Topshop (charity shopped)
SHOES: Clarks (old)
BAG: Primark (past season)

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