Pale Yellow Dress, Copper and Tan • Spring Outfit

pale yellow dress copper

I’m wearing real clothes today (no joggers in sight) and surprisingly, I didn’t make any of them myself. pale yellow dress copper and tan

I’ve been making a lot of crafty clothes recently but none of them are in this look.
I thought it was time to give the handmade look a break for a few days!

pale yellow dress copper

I’m wearing a little bit of sunshine today.
A pale yellow linen dress and a copper-coloured knitted tee.
(Not made by me!)

To be honest with you, this t-shirt looks nice enough BUT the fabric is probably a poly-mix (no label, so I’m not sure) and it can be a bit “sweaty”.

Polyester yarn has that annoying ability to make you sweaty and, worse than sweaty, a bit whiffy!

Polyester is not very practical for a real summer day but okay for chilly spring-time in Scotland.

A khaki utility jacket toughens things up just enough but overall this feels like a really feminine outfit.

pale yellow dress copper

LINEN DRESS: Warehouse
TOP: Zara (charity shopped)
BAG: Vintage
SHOES: Clarks (old)
JACKET: Gap (many years old)

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