Pared down dressing Cashmere leather and distressed denim.

Luxe fabrics, and textures, create a simple mix.
I do love a splash (and often, a clash) of colour but we all need a simple and pared-down look now and again, don’t you think?
So, I thought I would share with you a muted palette and a simpler outfit.

Sometimes, I need something a little calmer and (dare I say it) more sophisticated?
Although, to be honest, all sophistication goes out of the window as soon as these distressed jeans come out to play!
They have been up-cycled (they were my son’s).
I had fun distressing them with a bread knife. See them here, with some colour.

I know I could have reached for my more ‘grown-up’ dark wash jeans but, I didn’t want to feel like I was dressing up, or trying to be someone I am not.
I always need a little bit of fun in my look, otherwise I don’t feel like me.

When an outfit is so simple and stripped back to the bones, quality fabrics are a must.
We can easily get away with ‘cheap and cheerful’ when an outfit has lots going on, and plenty to keep the eye moving around but, when it is so plain (and exposed) this is the time to get the ‘big guns’ out.

I am certainly not saying that you need to spend a fortune to look good in simple clothes (far from it) but now is not the time for that cheap, bobbly jumper that has seen better days.

pared down dressing cashmere leather

I recently enjoyed reading one of my favourite blogger’s posts about her shopping trip (I’m sure she needed a removal lorry to get it all home). She is a bargain hunter, like myself, and I was inspired by the fabulous Anna’s Electric blue biker jacket (see it styled here) so I decided to dig out a biker bargain of my own.

This beautiful leather biker, by Superdry.

Superdry is normally a brand that has too many big and brash logos for my liking.
However, this jacket has no obvious branding AND (the best bit for me)…has freakishly long arms!
Notice the cuffs covering my wrist bones?
Yay! {beams} This is such a simple, and rare, pleasure.

I am constantly searching for gorilla sleeves, and I am sure this oddity is the reason that this jacket was in TKMaxx for the bargain price of £59.99.
Yes, £59.99 for a butter-soft leather jacket.
Perhaps it was a freakish one that nobody else wanted BUT who cares?
It is perfect for me.

I decided to go all-out neutral and tone-on-tone…resisting the temptation to add a chunky necklace, bangle or brightly coloured tights.
I just reached for this simple, cashmere jumper.
I really wish you could feel how incredibly soft it is. Such a fine knit (paper thin) but, somehow still warm. It was selling at 75% off in a clearance sale…but was still well over £100 (shhh, don’t tell!) Very expensive by my standards but honestly, worth every penny.

pared down dressing cashmere leather

I wanted to wear these lazered booties (last spotted here with Culottes) and decided that the jeans needed a extra detail of some nude, lace tights underneath (also adding a valuable layer of warmth for me).

Of course, I had to include my latest Charity shop find.
This gorgeous, burgundy, leather bag.
Real leather, and just a little nod to Mulberry styling, for the same price as a coffee and a cake!
What is not to love about that?
I finished things off with some bronze, metallic nail polish (on my fingers), almond on my toes and my gold-tone feather earrings.

pared down dressing cashmere leather

I thought I would leave you with this silly shot of me resigning myself to a muddy heel after I started to sink into the grass!
Scottish rain… I love the way it keeps everything lush and green, so a little comedic sinking is a small price to pay.

Do you own any wonderfully luxurious items that were out of your normal budget range and a little bit naughty?

Please let me know in the comments, I love to read them…..and I won’t tell a soul!

Jacket: Superdry (Still on sale in black)
Jumper: John Smedley (I like this wool grey)
Jeans: Levis (stolen from my son when he outgrew them)
Shoes/Booties: XTI (Old…I like these)
Bag: Martha Ponti (Charity shop)
Nails: Mavala (Amber) BarryM (Almond)

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