Pink, Purple and Teal Gym Outfit 

pink purple and teal gym outfit

When I first joined my local gym I told myself I wouldn’t be buying any ‘fancy’ gym gear.


My friend rolled her eyes but I was determined that I would just wear the one pair of joggers I own, or a plain pair of leggings (depending on the activity).
There would be no need to spend money on daft gym clothes.
I would hardly be wearing them anyway….right?


pink purple and teal gym outfit

As it turns out I find myself changing into gym wear almost every day and I want these clothes to be as fun (and colourful) as the other items in my life.

Needless to say, my initial idea was blown out of the water.

I now have gym ‘outfits’ hung up and ready to go.

My poor joggers are lying in the bottom of a drawer and my good friend has that “I told you so!” expression all over her face!

pink purple and teal gym outfit

The options for gym wear are HUGE these days.

Almost every shop has its own sportswear section.
From low end to high end, even down to the local supermarket!
The choice is fantastic.

Whatever your normal style, you’ll be able to find the gym wear equivalent.
Clothes that appeal to your personal taste.
Gym clothes are also available in all sizes, so there is no real excuse not to find something that makes you feel great!

For me, gym wear is like any other style choice.
Loads of colour.
Plenty of patterns.
Luxury fabrics.
{I much prefer to wear a cashmere or wool jumper over my gym outfit than a traditional hoody}

You really can express your true self whichever way you choose to sweat!

TOP & BAG: Sweaty Betty (The bag comes in three colours)
LEGGINGS: Reebok (on sale now… yay!)
JUMPER: c/o Silver Pink (so soft and pretty)
TRAINERS: Adidas (A gift from my son, reduced now too!!)

Last week Susan turned my head with her story of style… an evolution.
I must say that the outfit on the left (from 1972) looks perfectly cool and wearable for today!
See her full post HERE it’s a good read.

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