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Pride Outfit Ideas (30++ Expert’s Guide & Ideas)

Celebrate your true self with pride outfits that make a statement! Whether it’s for pride parades or everyday wear, these ideas offer inspiration for expressing yourself confidently. Check out our collection of beautiful and unique pride outfit ideas that have been proven to turn heads. Don’t miss out!

1. Wear Makeup on Your Face

pride outfit ideas

One place that is really awesome to try out your pride outfit ideas is at a pride parade or festival. But before talking about which outfit to wear, let’s start with something simple: painting your face with the famous rainbow flag! It’ll definitely help people realize that you’re supportive of the movement. 

2. Wear a Cap and Shorts

pride outfit ideas

To be perfectly honest, we can’t really tell an LGBTQ+ person to wear a certain outfit. After all, people need to express themselves freely, as they did for their identity. Still, we can help nudge you in a certain direction!

This next idea isn’t about pride outfit ideas as a whole but a tip for you to wear cool accessories as add-ons to your attires. Try a cap to accompany your overall outfit. And if you’re going to a parade with the rainbow flag, make sure to wear shorts that have one of the rainbow colors. 

3. Color Your Body

pride outfit ideas

Why bother finding something unique to wear when you can utilize your body instead? Yep, it’s never a bad idea to paint your body with rainbow colors to support the LGBTQ+ movement. If you choose to wear pants or jeans, make sure that they’re spray-painted as well!

4. All-pink Outfit

pride outfit ideas

Pink isn’t necessarily a color from the rainbow flag, but it does represent a cheerful and brave vibe. That’s the reason why wearing an all-pink outfit and including it in our list of pride outfit ideas seems like a great idea.

First off, let’s start by thinking of the attire up above. A long-sleeved shirt might be a good idea, although you’re still welcomed to wear tank tops. Then, show your enthusiasm by wearing a pink skirt as well!

5. It Doesn’t Need to be Colorful

pride outfit ideas

We do know that the rainbow flag means a lot to the LGBTQ+ community, and that’s the reason why most pride outfit ideas revolve around the thought of wearing something bright and colorful. Despite its uniqueness, you’ll be glad to know that it isn’t an obligation!

Once in a while, you can wear something as simple as a black and white plaid shirt, mixed with dark blue jeans. It’s a casual combination that’s so cool to wear. If you’re still adamant about putting something colorful, then you can wear a red tee underneath the plaid shirt!

6. Wear an Oversized Outfit

pride outfit ideas

Oversized outfits are always known to create a casual and relaxing vibe for their wearer. Seeing as the pride parades are not formal events, you can go there and voice your opinion by wearing something with plus size for fun.

That’s where oversized rainbow shirts come to play. Because of its multicolored nature, you can mix it with any shorts you’d like, although we still recommend that you keep it simple by wearing white shorts. 

7. Rainbow Collars are Cute

pride outfit ideas

Some people might have thought that wearing pride outfit ideas that are made up of rainbow designs are probably too flashy and obvious. Still, it’s the identity of the community.

If you want to have something different, make sure that your identity is not lost. Try wearing a white polo shirt with a rainbow collar. It’s subtler but still really cute, so make sure to consider it. 

8. White Shirt and Rainbow Skirt

pride outfit ideas

Wearing a white outfit and pairing it with rainbow attire is a great idea. After all, white is the combination of all colors, whereas a rainbow is made up of many colors (see the similarity?).

A cute and simple idea that you can try on is by wearing a white shirt and pairing it with a rainbow skirt. This is a great outfit idea that you can wear for a festival, so don’t cross it off your list!

9. Hawaiian Pride

pride outfit ideas

Never say no to wearing pride outfits that are unique. Perhaps, combining the community’s identity with something else that’s a little bit similar isn’t a bad idea. As Hawaii is all about fun stuff, you can really combine both things at once. If you ever find a rainbow shirt with floral patterns (or even pictures of trees), then make sure to wear it!

10. Rainbow and Green Outfit

pride outfit ideas

Some people believe that it might be hard to make an ensemble based on something as flashy and eye-catching as a rainbow outfit. However, it’s far from the truth. As a matter of fact., you can combine a rainbow shirt with outfits that are made with colors from the rainbow, like green. 

Here’s a great idea that you can consider, wear a buttoned rainbow shirt (but leave the buttons off). Then, wear a matching green cropped top and pants. To end the combination, you are free to wear white shoes or boots. This ensemble screams happiness and delightfulness, so make sure to consider it!

11. Rainbow Striped Mini Dress

pride outfit ideas

Did you know that some pride outfit ideas on our list can be used for other occasions besides the pride parade? In fact, you can meet your friends and hang out with them at a coffee shop or at a mall with something as simple and elegant as a mini dress. Here’s the catch, though: try and wear a rainbow-striped mini-dress!

12. See-through Jumpsuit

pride outfit ideas

Do you need a unique way to dress in a pride outfit? An unorthodox way is to wear a rainbow see-through jumpsuit. Naturally, you’d want to wear something underneath, especially to cover certain parts of your body.

Something simple like a black bikini is great enough to pair with this kind of jumpsuit, as the color won’t clash with each other. 

13. Rainbow Bra and Denim Shorts

pride outfit ideas
Source: Carpo

Previously, we have talked about wearing black bikinis to match your rainbow jumpsuit. But what if you’re not keen on wearing a jumpsuit? Well, just wear a rainbow bra instead! We guarantee you that it will look good and beautiful.

After wearing a rainbow bra, the idea will be to pair it with something simple and not as eye-catching. Therefore, you can go ahead with denim shorts!

14. Green and Black Outfit

pride outfit ideas

Some people tend to wear something that’s less obvious in revealing the “rainbow” identity. No problem with that! However, we do suggest you wear an outfit with a color from the rainbow, like a green cropped top. 

After you’ve got your hands on a nice, bright, cropped top, it’s time to find the right pants. This time, we’re going to go with simple black jeans! We feel that its simplicity will be enough, as it can make your cropped top shine brighter!

15. Denim Outfit and Rainbow Cropped Shirt

pride outfit ideas

Remember how cute a girl can be when wearing a rainbow bra? Well, here’s another outfit ensemble dedicated to that particular outfit! This time, we’re going to combine that lovely and colorful piece of attire with something simple and casual in the form of denim outfits. Wear a denim jacket and jeans to complete your ensemble. 

If the combination itself isn’t enough for you, here’s an added bonus that you can consider: wear rainbow sunglasses! It will result in one of the best pride outfit ideas on our list!

16. The “Elton John” Outfit

pride outfit ideas

As a legendary musician that has graced the earth with countless hits, Elton John is also known as a proud homosexual. Coincidentally, his outfits are fancy and can be copied for various occasions.

You can wear the iconic baseball jersey that he wore during his legendary concert. As an alternative, the all-white combination with his cute sunglasses is also a great idea. It’s so fun when thinking of Elton John pride outfit ideas, so make sure to put that in your mind!

17. The “Rob Halford” Outfit

pride outfit ideas

While not as widely known as Elton John, Rob Halford from Judas Priest is also a force of nature that is praised in the heavy metal community (and he’s also gay!). Those of you who adore his music (or love his outfits) might want to mimic his look. After all, it looks so badass.

For starters, you may want to try and find a cool leather hat. Then, you can pair it with leather outfits in the form of jackets or vests. To finish the ensemble, make sure to wear sunglasses as well. 

18. The “Freddie Mercury” Outfit

pride outfit ideas

While not as eye-catching as the two pride outfit ideas that we have thrown out to you, the Freddie Mercury outfit is still one of the most iconic looks that you can copy. As a matter of fact, his Live Aid outfit that consists of a plain white tank top and jeans might be simple and popular enough for you to consider!

19. Sequin Kimono

pride outfit ideas

Straight men might find it weird to wear kimonos, especially for outdoor activities, but it won’t be a problem for people in the LGBTQ+ community. As a matter of fact, you can wear a rainbow-colored kimono to a festival and look cool! Enjoy the parade or fun music while appearing in style with a sequin kimono that is paired with pink jeans.  

20. Green and Purple Outfit

pride outfit ideas

Green and purple are two colors that you might have seen in the rainbow. So, it makes sense to combine both colors to create a unique pride outfit. Let’s start with green attire. This time, we’re going with a green cropped top. Then, you can overwrite it with a purple apron dress. 

When imagining this style, we know that it will result in something relaxing and casual. You can make it even better by wearing a white cap for your head.

21. Wear Matching Shirts with Your Couple

pride outfit ideas

Wearing matching outfits is a great idea, especially when you have a lovely partner. But instead of wearing matching outfits with the same color, you can find a set of matching shirts with different finishes.

As an example, one of you can wear a yellow long-sleeved shirt, while your partner can wear a red one. Then, both of you can wear similar jeans as well.  

22. All-blue or All-white Outfit

All-blue or All-white Outfit
Source: Magazine

Normally, we’d split an all-blue and an all-white outfit combination into two different points. But as they both emanate a casual and relaxing vibe for pride outfit ideas, we’re going to combine them this time. Whatever color you’d pick, make sure to wear a cropped top and pair it with jeans. Yes, you can wear ripped or normal jeans, as they both look cool. 

As you can see in the picture above, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid look so beautiful in these ensembles, so make sure to try and copy their styles! 

23. Something Casual, But with Powerful Message(s)

Something Casual, But with Powerful Message(s)

You won’t have to make it all about wearing rainbow outfits when thinking of pride outfit ideas. As a matter of fact, something really casual and simple that a normal person would wear can also be a great idea.

Just imagine a black cropped shirt that is paired with denim jeans. Sounds simple, right? But when the shirt has a meaningful message that supports the movement, you’ve got something unique there!

24. Rainbow Sweatshirt

Rainbow Sweatshirt

These days, almost every outfit in the world has a rainbow variation model that you can try. Even something as adorable as a sweatshirt also has a rainbow variant. If you choose to wear one, you can pair it with a dark green skirt! For an even cooler look, wear a pair of green sunglasses as well. 

25. Breaking Free

Breaking Free

You’d really think that we’re going to miss this iconic look by Queen, as seen in their music video “I Want to Break Free”, don’t you? In the music video, all Queen members are portrayed as drag.

You can try and copy their style by cosplaying them on various occasions. This combination can be worn during Halloween. Better yet, try and wear it during a pride parade!

26. Blue and Yellow Outfit

Blue and Yellow Outfit

Hey, here’s another pride outfit idea specially crafted for couples again. This time we’re going with a more conventional method: something that matches in color. Therefore, wearing yellow outfits and pairing them with denim attire might seem like a good idea. 

Notice how we said denim attire instead of denim jeans? We really did it on purpose, as one of you has the option to wear denim jeans while the other can match it by wearing a denim jacket to cover the yellow shirt.

27. Black and Blue Combination

Black and Blue Combination

Remember our statement before that dark outfits are also suitable for our pride outfit ideas? Well, when you see the picture above, you will agree with our thoughts. But even when you’re wearing a black shirt, make sure that it has an “important” message that can be passed through, especially when you’re attending a parade or demonstration. 

28. Rainbow Bikini

Rainbow Bikini

Everybody has an equal right to go to places that they would like to, even beaches. That’s why we came up with this idea: to wear a rainbow bikini on your vacation. However, make sure that your appearance is unique in order to make it catchy. 

One easy way to make yourself look unique is by wearing vintage bikini combinations. A hippie bikini with a rainbow motive might be a good idea. Then, you can pair it with denim shorts. 

29. Rainbow Tank Top and Oversized Pants

Rainbow Tank Top and Oversized Pants

A rainbow tank top might be a little bit too conventional for some people. However, that perspective might depend on the model that you used. If you have a striped tank top, you might have something unique in the making. And when you combine it with oversized cargo pants, it will really create something unique and drippy! Try them out when going out to several parades. 

30. Copy this Lady Gaga Outfit

Copy this Lady Gaga Outfit

Lady Gaga has been known as an avid supporter of the LGBTQ+ movement. She even attended several parades to show her support (with cool outfits, of course). One of her most iconic outfits is a combination of a cropped rainbow shirt and a black cropped top, paired with denim shorts and rainbow socks. If you love this idea, make sure to try it out for yourself!

31. All-orange Outfit

All-orange Outfit

No, we’re not going to include an all-black outfit for our list of pride outfit ideas, as we’d like this list to be filled with bright and cheerful outfits. As an alternative, we’re going to come up with a nice all-orange outfit for you. Equally as casual, equally as awesome!

Let’s start with the shirt: find a long-sleeved orange shirt that is comfortable to wear. Then, you can wear it with orange jeans or pants. If you have orange camo variations, they will be even better as they can provide a nice variation to your look. 

32. White and Purple

White and Purple

Have you ever considered the possibility of combining a purple or violet outfit with white attire? The result might shock you, as it’s really elegant and classy yet casual, all at the same time. Try wearing a purple jacket and pants, then wear a white cropped top as an extra layer. 

When you see this outfit combination, you might have noticed that the ensemble leans more toward the purple outfits. Therefore, you can help balance it out by wearing white sneakers as well. 

33. Colorful Statue

Colorful Statue

A pride parade is a perfect time for trying out unique outfits. One way to do that is by wearing something that is truly out of the box. Perhaps, a green tank top with a floral decoration might be an elegant outfit that is worthy of consideration. Moreover, you can add a nice “Liberty Statue” hat for your head as a symbol, a meaningful yet powerful symbol of freedom!

34. Rainbow Party Dress 

Rainbow Party Dress 

Remember this one thing: there will always be an opportunity to voice your opinion and wear awesome pride outfits. For a fancy party, you can wear a midi dress with a rainbow pattern! It might look too fancy for some people, but it definitely looks beautiful, so please consider it. 

35. Apron Dress with Rainbow Coat

Apron Dress with Rainbow Coat

Let’s end our list of pride outfit ideas with something magnificent, shall we? First things first, we’re going to need you to wear something neutral as the basis of the outfit. Perhaps, a black shirt might be a great idea. Then, cover it with a nice apron dress. For the third layering, you can consider wearing a rainbow coat!

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