Silver Black Wearing Something Different

silver black wearing something different

If you’re anything like me, some days you’ll feel like wearing something a little different.
Something different from your usual style.
Colours a little different from your usual choices.
Shapes that are different from your usual silhouettes.

Today was one of those days.

silver black wearing something different

This silver maxi skirt may be a change from the norm, but it is always so easy to wear.
Maxi lengths give great coverage, with zero effort.
No need to worry about tights, or the state of your legs… (goodbye big bruises).
Easy peasy dressing!

Silver looks great with blue (see THIS POST) but today I went against the norm (when it comes to my colour choices) and chose black.
Black isn’t a colour I normally reach for.
To be honest I don’t really like it, and it doesn’t flatter me at all.

It’s easy enough to make any colour work for you, even if it’s not your best colour.
I just added a lighter coloured scarf near my face, to soften the harshness.

{See how to make black work with pale skin HERE.}

silver black wearing something different

A silver maxi skirt may seem quite dressed-up for everyday, but items like these are easily dressed down for daytime.
Adding a quirky t-shirt, and a casual backpack, made this skirt feel more daywear and less ‘Hogmanay party!’
Simple flat shoes, and a striped belt, finished things off nicely.

When was the last time you wore something different from your normal style?
Please let me know in the comments… I would love to hear about it!

SKIRT: M&S… this one is special!
BELT: French Connection… similar.
BAG: Clarks… similar.
SCARF: A gift… similar.
TOP: Join life @Zara
NECKLACE: Vintage…. read the story HERE.
SHOES: Clarks…similar.

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