Styling a Midi Skirt in Autumn | Blue Green Outfit

styling midi skirt in autumn

I’m on a shopping fast this Autumn (no new clothes for 3 months) and I’m going to be re-styling and re-wearing the pieces in my wardrobe for the whole season! styling midi skirt in autumn blue green outfit

Hopefully, you might find some inspiration to restyle your clothes, shop less, style more, save money and help do your little bit for the planet.

styling midi skirt in autumn

Today I’m re-styling some old favourites from my wardrobe.
Digging out pieces and wearing them in a slightly different way.

I’m feeling in a blue colour mood today and decided to mix up some of my favourite shades of blue and green for a warm and feminine look.

Layers are back on the menu here in Scotland so it was a perfect opportunity to shake things up a little.

styling midi skirt in autumn

I bought a bag last month.
Not an expensive one… NOR a particularly trendy one.
A simple shape and simple style.

Following THE key rule when it comes to buying inexpensive bags:

Avoid too much hardware and stick to simple shapes.

Cheap bags can look chic (enough) if you make sure they’re blending into the background instead of screaming the house down.

Having said that, I often like a LOUD (and brash) accessory and I have no interest in worrying about something not being a designer label.

This season, however, I’m trying to showcase a more minimal approach to dressing.

Not in a ‘neutrals’ kind of way but in a ‘buy-less’ kind of way.

A go-with-everything bag is a great place to start.
This one is dark green which goes with pretty much anything.
Including this all-blue look!

The rest of the look was easy to pull together.
My favourite blue skirt and an old teal jumper and a darker blue base layer.

I’ve flipped this skirt round so the buttons are running down the back, perfect for showing off a long necklace without too many fussy details.

Blue striped boots and my green bag finished things off nicely.


Make this look you own by choosing whatever colour suits your current mood and/or personal colouring.
Pull as many shades of it as you want together in one outfit.
I’ve chosen blues and greens but anything goes.

Reds and pinks look particularly nice.
Search for any colour you fancy on the sidebar for more ideas.

Colour shy?
Try all-black or all grey for a chic look.

Fancy a little colour blocking?
Go bold and bright with any colour combo that tickles your fancy.

If your midi skirt has a pattern try a pattern clash (stripes and leopard are good clash-companions) OR pick a colour from the pattern and run with it.

Whatever you decide to do I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

What I’m wearing:

SKIRT: H&M (customised) See it styled in a different way HERE and HERE.
JUMPER: George.
UNDER TOP: M&S. Old as the hills and worn with numerous outfits!
BOOTS: Zara. See them HERE
NECKLACE: c/o De Sol
BAG: H&M My New Autumn/Winter buy… I’m wearing it to work every day. Expect to see it A LOT!

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