Summer layers | Visiting a museum

What do you wear for a family day out?

Comfortable summer layers.

We took a trip to Kelvingrove museum today.
It is a beautiful old building, which has been open since 1901 housing a large range of exhibits and artworks.

summer layers visiting museum
summer layers visiting museum
summer layers visiting museum

Salvador Dali’s Crucifixion is housed here…and lots of others.
Plenty to see.

Best thing of all…it is FREE!

We leave a donation, but you are not obliged to, and it is a lot cheaper than most family days out!

summer layers visiting museum
summer layers visiting museum

I don’t want to sound like a brochure….or that I am getting paid to plug it (I’m not)
so if you want to know more, VISIT SCOTLAND has more information about its history and exhibits.

To be honest with you, all I really care about is that the children have an enjoyable day out and it is not costing me an arm and a leg!
So this is perfect.
I really enjoy looking at the paintings BUT there was a little bonus around one of the corners..a selection of vintage shoes! Brilliant.

summer layers visiting museum

We also went to see the ‘Dinosaurs and their babies’ exhibition and, of course, my husband couldn’t resist saying,

“Right then, lets get a photo of the dinosaur next to that old skeleton” 

He is a joker….Bloody cheek!!

My two criteria for dressing today are: Comfortable and warm.

However, I still want to have fun and look like myself!
So, I went for a muted palette and multiple layers (you never know when you will need an extra layer…and I HATE being cold).

My pirate trousers were needing another outing (last seen HERE) 
They do make me smile, so they were an obvious choice for today.

As far as footwear goes, I chose my summer-long-faithfuls…My oyster-leather Clarks sandals.
They seem to be my go-to shoe of the moment.

On my top-half, I started with a camisole, adding a long-sleeved green t-shirt, a chiffon top (in pale mint) and a chunky arran cardigan.
A colourful scarf (tucked into the pockets of my cardigan) and lots of necklaces tied everything together.

I needed my Beck Sondergaard shopper for everyone’s snacks and jackets and my old (and battered) Barbour for my own bits and pieces.

We had a great day, lots of laughs and plenty to see and do.

Do you have your own hero-shoe of this season?
Or items of clothing that make you smile?
I would love to hear about them!

Shoes: Clarks
Jeans: Seven for all mankind
Cardigan: ASOS
Chiffon top: Asda
Bag: Barbour (similar)
Shopper: Beck sondergaard

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