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Sweater Dress Outfit Ideas (30 Best Recommendation)

A dress will make a pretty woman even more beautiful, and so does a sweater. So, why not combine both of them and wear a sweater dress instead? In fact, there are a lot of awesome sweater dress outfit ideas that you can play with! For those of you who aren’t aware of this unique outfit, a sweater dress is essentially a dress that is made up of knitted material like a sweater.

There are a lot of advantages to wearing a sweater dress. Aside from the extra comfort that protects you from cold weather, it can make someone looks more elegant and pretty. 

On top of that, a lot of sweater dress outfit ideas are based on combinations of sweater dresses and other outfits, making it very fun to think of! Let’s talk no further and jump straight into the list of unique sweater dress outfit ideas for you. 

1. Wear it to Cover Your Real Dress

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Although a sweater dress can be worn by itself, you can also treat it as a sweater that can cover another dress! In fact, you can find a (very) long sweater dress with gray color that can act as a layer for your fancy black dress. It is perfect for an elegant party like gala dinners.  

2. White Sweater Dress

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Everybody always looks good in white, even if you’re wearing a sweater dress. Therefore, you shouldn’t shy away from the idea of wearing one! You’re able to choose from a lot of different designs and models, such as turtlenecks, off-shoulder sweater dresses, or sleeveless sweater dresses. 

3. Red Dress and Black Belt

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Wearing a red sweater dress is really awesome, because it’s a casual color that is also perfect for formal parties and events. To balance out its fancy looks, you can also wear a black belt around your waist. It will only upgrade the overall look of your outfit.

4. Off-shoulder Sweater Dress

Sweater dresses are meant to provide warmth for people who are prone to cold weather. But if you’re immune to the harsh temperature, perhaps wearing an off-shoulder sweater dress might be one of the best sweater dress outfit ideas. It is classy and minimalistic at the same time, making it perfect to be worn for various occasions

5. Wear a Black Hat

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Going for a ladies’ night out with your friends? You’re going to need some sweet and casual sweater dress outfit ideas then! Perhaps, a mini sweater dress with black belt is simplistic enough. However, we highly recommend you to wear a black hat too!

6. Go Sexy

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Some people have the audacity to say that wearing sweaters and sweater dresses aren’t sexy. Well, they can’t be more wrong! Here’s a tip: wear a lace up sweater dress and pair it with light brown boots. We dare you to say that it’s not one of the best sweater dress outfit ideas ever!

7. Red Turtleneck Sweater Dress

Wearing red sweater dresses must have been one of the wisest sweater dress outfit ideas you can think of. It is a versatile outfit that can be used for Christmas celebrations, casual hangout parties, or even for a lazy day at home. If you live in a really cold area, a turtleneck dress might be perfect. 

8. Just the Red!

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We know how much red can mean to you. That’s the reason why we’re dedicating many sweater dress outfit ideas based on this particular color. Here’s a simplistic and nice idea: just wear a red sweater dress without any other accessories or additional outfit! If you want to look hotter, you’ll do just that!

9. Match the Colors

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If you’re trying to combine sweater dresses with other accessories and outfits, you should really pay attention to its colors. Do they match at all? If indeed it is, then go all out! For example, you can wear a gray hat and dark red sandals as long as they can compliment the beauty of your dress. 

10. Jersey Combination

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One of the most casual and awesome sweater dress outfit ideas is to wear a basketball jersey on top of your sweater dress. You can’t use it for formal parties, we guarantee you that. However, you can wear this combination for photoshoots or if you decide to go casual for the day. 

11. Green Sweater Dress

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Green, like red, is a bright color that can be used for many wonderful occasions. Believe us that it doesn’t have to be used exclusively for Christmas! For instance, a friend’s birthday party is the perfect place for you to show off your newest green turtleneck sweater dress. It’s simple, it’s fabulous, and it’s awesome. 

12. White Dress and Boots

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A white sweater dress will always make its wearer beautiful and elegant. But if you want to up the ante a bit, then you can consider pairing the beautiful white dress with brown boots. This combination will definitely make you look fancier and pretty. 

13. Cover it with a Cardigan

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 Previously, we’ve mentioned the wonders of sweater dress outfit ideas. One of them is the flexibility of mixing them with other outfits. Cardigans is just a great example of it. Although it’ll make your life a little bit hotter, we guarantee that the result will be worth it. 

14. Wrap a Denim Jacket in Your Waist

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There are many ways to enjoy wearing a sweater dress. One of them is to mix and match them with other outfits. If you’re not comfortable in wearing double-layered clothes, perhaps you should consider wrapping them on your waist instead. That way, you can still use said items (namely, denim jackets or cardigans) whenever you see fit. 

15. Wear a Beanie for Cold Weather

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Besides looking fancy and adorable, sweater jackets’ main purpose is to keep you warm in cold weather. Thus, what better way to enhance the overall appearance than by wearing a beanie on your head? For extra comfort, you can also wear skinny trousers to cover your whole leg. 

16. Wear Yellow

Yellow isn’t one of the most commonly used colors for outfits. However, wearing a yellow dress might just be one of the smartest sweater dress outfit ideas on our list. Its bright nature makes your sweater dress more colorful and cheerful, thus resembling your true nature. 

17. Or Wear Brown Instead

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Brown is probably the complete opposite towards the previous idea, mainly due to the fact that it’s darker. However, you should also consider wearing a sweater dress with said color, because it emanates a simplistic vibe! Besides that, you can also pair it with brown boots or sneakers.

18. Various Reds

Yes, we have talked about red already. But this time, we’re not talking about the possibility of wearing a monocolored red outfit. Instead, the option towards wearing red colors in its variety is really interesting, and one that you should definitely try. Go crazy and find a variety of red-colored sweater dresses and socks for your outfit. 

19. Add Some Accessories

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Wearing a sweater dress (as well as some outfit companion, should you see it fit) is great on its own. However, you can look even more beautiful and magnificent by adding some accessories like necklaces. For this idea, we’re recommending a solid blue sweater dress, as it can complement your accessories well. 

20. Matching Blue Dress

sweater dress outfit ideas

An all-blue outfit that centers around your sweater dress can also be considered as one of the most amazing sweater dress outfit ideas. Just like wearing red outfits, you don’t have to wear blue outfits with the same exact variation. Just go crazy and it’ll still look calming and beautiful. 

21. Black Dress

sweater dress outfit ideas

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Yep, there’s nothing wrong in considering a black sweater dress for your outfit of the day. In fact, its simplistic and elegant nature makes it the perfect outfit for a casual night or a fine dining experience. If you want to go sexy, you can cover your bottom part with pantyhose. 

22. Sleeveless Sweater Dress

sweater dress outfit ideas

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The main difference between sweater dresses and a normal dress is the material. That’s the reason why they have similar designs. Therefore, you should also try considering to wear a sleeveless sweater dress for attending parties. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly comfortable and beautiful at the same time. 

23. Purple Dress

sweater dress outfit ideas

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Another (kind of) unorthodox sweater dress outfit ideas is to wear one with a purple color. If possible, try to find one with long sleeves, as it makes you look even more elegant and beautiful. It’s perfect for a weekend vacation at the mall!

24. Tie Waist Dress

sweater dress outfit ideas

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Dresses with a tie waist helps you in tightening up loose outfits, but it also enhances the overall look! Therefore, finding a sweater dress with a tie waist can be one of the wisest sweater dress outfit ideas. What about the color? We highly recommend dark green, navy blue, or yellow!

25. Hooded Sweater Dress

sweater dress outfit ideas

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Did you know that some sweater dresses are equipped with a hood? That way, these outfits will look similar to hoodies. However, do not underestimate them, as it is the perfect companion for those of you who like wearing casual and warm outfits for outdoor activities. 

26. Blue and Brown Combo

sweater dress outfit ideas

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Wearing mono color outfits is a great idea. Wearing multicolor outfits is also a great idea! If you want to consider the latter, we highly recommend a pairing of dark blue and brown. Nothing can beat a blue sweater dress that is paired with brown shoes! For the cherry on top, make sure to wear sunglasses and a hat too! 

27. Multicolor Dress

sweater dress outfit ideas

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Confused on choosing a certain color for your sweater dress outfit ideas? Well, why not try finding a sweater dress made up of various colors? Rainbow sweater dresses might also be a great idea. After all, it may reflect your cheerful attitude too. 

28. Black Leather Jacket

sweater dress outfit ideas

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Wearing a black leather jacket to cover your sweater dress might be really awesome. With this combination, you’ll get a brand new outfit to wear for work! For further upgrades, you can also choose to wear black boots!

29. Use Ripped Jeans

sweater dress outfit ideas

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Wearing ripped jeans for the bottom is another brilliant idea. To make it more interesting, you can wear sweater dresses that have contrasting colors to your ripped jeans. A light color sweater dress, like yellow, will be a nice option to have. 

30. Long High Heel Boots

sweater dress outfit ideas

Don’t discount this number yet, as it may turn out to be the best sweater dress outfit ideas on our list. Wearing long, high heel boots is a really great idea, as it can complement your mini sweater dress and give more comfort for your legs. 

What Do I Wear with a Sweater Dress?

You can wear jeans, boots, and even other shirts (as extra layering) along with a sweater dress. As long as the color matches, there’s nothing wrong in experimenting with your ensemble. If you don’t want to wear other outfits, there’s no problem as well.

Can I Wear a Sweater Dress with Jeans?

Yes, you can definitely wear a sweater dress with jeans. In fact, why don’t you try one with ripped jeans? It’s a perfect combination for those of you who’re looking for a more casual appearance. 

How Do You Wear a Casual Sweater Dress?

To wear a casual sweater dress, all you need is simplicity. Forget all the accessories like necklaces. As a matter of fact, try wearing boots and jeans too. 

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