To Tuck or Not to Tuck… That is the Question.

to tuck or not

Tucking in, there are so many ways to do it.
Check out this magazine article, and prepare to be as confused as me!

If you are small waisted and/or curvy, tucking in will probably be your friend and accentuate your fabulous figure.
BUT, if you are more of an apple shape (or an ironing board) you may feel that tucking tops in makes you look lumpy.
Tucked-in tops (especially in thicker fabrics) can add bulk, and the bump-factor.
No one wants to look like a folded up duvet!

to tuck or not

If full tucking leaves you cold why not go for a half tuck, or a semi-tuck?
A half tuck works well with shirts, but can look a bit accidental and messy.
A semi-tuck (or a mullet tuck) is the easiest one to do.
Up at the front and down at the back.
A nice curve of fabric that creates a lovely line.

Tucking in tops can lengthen your legs, and hide a belly.
Hiding a belly?
That seems counter-intuitive doesn’t it?
Surely pulling a top (or jumper ) down will lengthen the body and hide a bit of a paunch much better…right?
Well… not really.

Stretching a top over your tum highlights it rather than hiding it.
The simple art of tucking distracts the eye by creating a pleasing curve that draws attention away from the offending area.
Up and over!

to tuck or not

Today’s outfit started out untucked, and ended up semi-tucked.
{I had to road test my theory after all!}

The whole tucked/untucked look began with these fabulous shoes, which were kindly gifted to me by Kettlewell.
This company really appeals to my love of colour as they sell great basics in seasonal shades.

I often find myself loving the style of certain items in high street stores, but then the colours can often let me down.
Many ‘collections’ focus on a specific colour palette for that season, and these can sometimes leave me cold.
With Kettlewell, if you know your seasonal palette then you can find colours you love all year round… and even play around with some fun colour clashes!

{If you don’t know your palette they they have a handy quiz to help you find out.}

Today I’m wearing a simple, subtle and understated outfit….
Well, as understated as a bright yellow jumper can be!

This jumper was calling out for my trusty navy velvet trousers.
Golden-yellow and navy is a match made in heaven, and this combo went perfectly with the pretty embroidered slippers.

I was also sent this tassel necklace and, although it is a pretty (and popular) item I felt a little uninspired with it hanging in it’s usual way.
An easy way to mix it up a little was to double it over, and add a brooch.
Just a little bit different, and a great way to ring the changes.

A simple navy grab bag, and red lipstick, finished this look off perfectly.

Over to you…
Do you tuck or are you tuck-shy?
Would you rock a full tuck?
A half tuck?
A mullet tuck?

Tucking confused?
Hahahaha….Me too! 😝

JUMPER, NECKLACE & SHOES: c/o Kettlewell
TROUSERS: Boden (old)… similar.
BAG: c/o Lotus
LIPS BROOCH: H&M… similar.

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