Vintage Spots and OTK over the knee Boots | Cold Spring Style

vintage spots and otk over

I have to tell you that I’m not entirely sure this dress really IS vintage. vintage spots and otk over. vintage spots and otk over the knee Boots
It was sold as vintage.
It LOOKS like vintage.

BUT… You know that feeling when something is not quite right?
A little niggle.
No tags.
No obvious modern touches but I still have my doubts.

However, regardless of its real age, I still LOVE it!

vintage spots and otk over

I love everything about this little dress, from the difficult little buttons you need to do up to get into it to the silly waist tie that serves no real purpose.
It’s just a great dress that’s fun to wear.

Today I’m styling it with some serious thermal baselayers… PLUS a pair of trusty OTK boots.

It might be March BUT its still freezing cold here!

vintage spots and otk over

As I’m layered up to the max I’m dreaming of warmer weather.
This dress is going to be great in the summer.

I am hopeful that some of my sandals may make an appearance sometime this year.
A dress like this throws open so many footwear possibilities!

We were lucky last summer (we had some lovely warm days) BUT you can never rely on summer being summer in Scotland.
Anything can happen!

Today cosy boots are the answer… and a BIG coat (not very blog-worthy!)

DRESS: Vintage? (What do YOU think?)
BAG: Vintage

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