Wearing DARK lipstick over 40.

wearing dark lipstick over

Dark lipsticks are everywhere this autumn/winter, and I love them!

Unfortunately, being over 40 (with not very full lips) can make wearing dark lippy a challenge.

Dark lips can make our mouths look small, thin and a bit mean.
Great for Halloween, not so good for real life.

There are lots of tutorials (and videos) demonstrating dark lipstick application, but not many feature an older women.

{I was struggling to find a makeup look on someone my age that I would be happy to wear.}

The ‘models’ are either too young, too perfect (with huge lips) or too brightly lit.
I want to see someone I can relate to.
If the model is my age the makeup is often so over done that it looks old fashioned, and a bit drag queen-esque.

{P.S. I love drag queen makeup looks….on drag queens}

Dark lips are really hard to pull off in real life.

wearing dark lipstick over

5 Things to Think about when wearing Dark Lipstick

1. Exfoliate

This is so important.
Dark and bright lipsticks (especially matte textures, like the one I use in the video) highlight every flake on your lips.
Exfoliate and moisturise… then do it a second time, just to be sure.

2. Conceal any Redness, Veins or Dark Circles

Reds, plums, purples and other dark (or bright) shades of lipstick can make every mark on your face look much worse.
Conceal each blemish carefully.

3. Keep your Eye Makeup light

Overdone, heavy (and dark) eye makeup can make you start to enter old hag territory.
Definition is all you need.

4. Wear Blusher

Red and dark lipsticks can instantly drain your face of any colour.
Get the blusher out, and apply it high.
If you have high colour on your cheeks, and find it hard to cover, let some of your natural tones shine through and try a complementary lip shade.

5. Keep it Glossy

If you a struggling to look good wearing a dark lip, add a touch of gloss.
It can make all the difference.
The gloss reflects light and gives the illusion of volume.


Before you leave the house, pop your finger into your mouth, close your lips around it and draw it out slowly.
This trick will remove the lipstick that was going to end up on your teeth!

wearing dark lipstick over

Here is how I wear my purple lipstick…

{I started the video planning to wear a red but changed my mind to purple as I was recording… I’m so fickle when it comes to makeup! :oP}

{PLEASE NOTE: All of the products used here are my own… no gifted or sponsored items}

Do you have any tips for lipstick application, over 40?
How do you stop your lips looking thin and mean?
Have you stopped wearing dark shades because of bleeding colour or thin looking lips?
Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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