What to wear in a British Heatwave, emergency shorts!

HEATWAVE….yes you heard right! what to wear in british. what to wear in british heatwave

what to wear in british

It is actually HOT here…I mean really, genuinely warm.

I know some of you lovely people are used to the hot (and hotter) weather but this has come as a bit of a shock to my system.

As I am normally a ‘thermals’ kind of girl I had to go out  to the shops and buy a pair of shorts.

Shorts are normally very difficult for me to wear. I feel slightly uncomfortable baring my skinny legs and knobbly knees and can feel really frumpy in them. I think they make my body look distorted. So I went for the brightest pair in the shop…to distract the eye upwards (this is my kind of twisted logic). Never hide behind black, just dazzle the viewer with colour or pattern…or both! Maybe they won’t notice my imperfections??

Bright coral/pink shorts and a floral top were toned down (a little) by an old denim jacket and some neutral flat sandals.

My hayfever is bad today, so my eyes look like they have been turned inside-out….this is an unfortunate symptom of summer but I still took off my sunglasses for the photographs, added some lipgloss and a smile.
Always hope for the best.

I have to admit that wearing shorts felt really good…very free and cool.

what to wear in british

Vest top: Joules

Jacket: Boden

Shorts: Fat face

Sandals: Vertbaudet

Necklaces: Various (layered)

Brooch: Pia

Bracelets: Various (layered)

what to wear in british

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