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What to Wear to Acupuncture: 25 Outfit Ideas to Try

Acupuncture, a traditional pain relief method involving thin needles inserted into specific body areas, has gained popularity in the US, particularly for chronic muscle and joint pain. There’s no specific dress code for acupuncture, but loose and comfy clothes are recommended for easy access to treatment areas. This article offers comfortable and stylish outfit ideas for your acupuncture session.

My Top 3 personal picks

For womenFor pregnant womenFor all ages
Loose tank topsMaternity pantsPlaid pants

Types of clothing that might create minor restrictions for acupuncture treatment

Some clothing might be not suitable for acupuncture treatment because of the minor restrictions they create. According to some acupuncturists and health professionals, here are some clothes to avoid wearing to an acupuncture treatment. 

PicturesClothes typesWhy you should avoid them?
Tight-fitting clothesMake you feel uncomfortable and difficult to relax while lying down, leading to inefficient treatment.
High-collared shirtsThe acupuncturist might find it difficult to reach the shoulder and neck area
Sports brasToo tight and can’t be unhooked, making it difficult to reach the chest and upper back.
Clothes with embellishmentsCause pain if you’re lying on top of them for quite some time.

What to wear to acupuncture

Now that you’ve understood what not to wear during your treatment, let’s have a look at some clothes to wear to acupuncture. These ideas have been curated by our renowned fashion experts and proven to be both comfy and stylish.

1. Sleeveless shirts

what to wear to acupuncture
Source: Pinterest (@Byrdie | Jill Didonato)

Starting off this list, one of my favorite tops for casual and relaxed days: sleeveless shirts. You don’t need to roll the sleeves to get punctured by small needles on the arm areas. Not to mention that almost all ladies have this type of cloth in their closets. From my experience, this simple sleeveless shirt is a good choice to wear during your acupuncture session.

2. Scrubs

what to wear to acupuncture
Source: Up Beat Soles

Yes, you heard it right! Scrubs might be the staple outfits for medical personnel, but there are also fashionable ones to try for an average Jane. Other than loose clothes, this two-piece ensemble can be a great option to head out for an acupuncture appointment. Personally speaking, I prefer combining the scrubs with comfortable footwear, such as rubber shoes or good old casual sneakers.

3. Linen pants

what to wear to acupuncture
Source: Karine Emily

If you still want to look fabulous on the way to your acupuncture session, try these linen pants for sure! With loose and wide cutting, the pants feel comfy and breathable for warmer days. I’ve proven that this outfit is perfect for acupuncture since it can be rolled with ease if the acupuncturist needs to reach the ankle area or above. For a go-to look, I usually combine the pants with a loose tank and slippers.

4. Basketball shorts

what to wear to acupuncture
Source: Pinterest (@Emmiol)

Besides scrubs, loose basketball shorts are also advised to wear to acupuncture. You don’t have to roll them up and allow the acupuncturist to put the needles in your calves to relieve the muscle pain. All I need is just grabbing a loose tank or t-shirt and a pair of comfy sneakers to look both sporty and effortlessly stylish.

5. Simple t-shirts

what to wear to acupuncture
Source: Celebs First

Admit it, you don’t want to wear a simple t-shirt for going out, but in this case, no one would judge the good old t-shirt you wear for acupuncture. Whether it’s distressed or brand new, your acupuncturist doesn’t mind that! Basically, you can wear this with any pants of your choice, but I suggest loose ones since jeans are rather restrictive to the process.

6. Cropped sweater

what to wear to acupuncture
Source: Twitter (@Ban_anya)

The next entry on this list is a cropped sweater. For me, this is the ideal choice to flaunt your abs No need to lift the top if the needles need to go to the abdomen area. A little tip from me: opt for rounded neckline ones since the high-collared ones (such as turtlenecks) will be difficult for the acupuncturist to reach the shoulder. All you need to complete the look is just a pair of cozy, easy-to-roll pants and slip-on shoes, guaranteed to provide maximum comfort.

7. Loose tank tops

what to wear to acupuncture
Source: My Chic Obsession

Loose tank tops can be an ideal choice to wear during an acupuncture session on hot summer days. You won’t feel hot while wearing them since the material is breathable and very lightweight! This tank top is guaranteed to flatter your body whether you tuck it in or not. I don’t recommend adding any accessories to the look, since you need to remove it anyway prior to the treatment.

8. Scarf and beanie

what to wear to acupuncture
Source: Refinery29 (@Casey Lewis)

Who said that you have to look boring during an acupuncture appointment? Steal this Gwen Stefani look by adding a stylish knitted scarf and beanie. I mentioned earlier that it’s important to keep yourself warm after the treatment, so these two items come in handy, as well as escalating your extraordinary style. In addition to that, this outfit ensemble is perfect for colder days.

9. Cutesy short pants

what to wear to acupuncture
Source: Pinterest (@Brooklyn Claire Brown)

Frankly speaking, it’s not just basketball shorts that are ideal to wear to an acupuncture session. If you’re a fan of a more adorable look, I recommend wearing short pants with fun colors and patterns. Keep in mind that the pants need to be comfy as well to support the treatment’s effectiveness. Pair it with a plain t-shirt and sandals or slip-on shoes for an effortlessly stylish look.

What to wear to pregnancy acupuncture

After reading the title, you might ask, is it safe to get acupuncture while pregnant? Generally speaking, it’s completely fine. To all moms-to-be out there, here are some of my picks on what to wear to pregnancy acupuncture based on the fashion expert’s notable choice.

10. Robes

what to wear to acupuncture
Source: Mint Arrow

This leopard-print robe is the first contender on this list. Although it’s made from fleece materials, you don’t have to worry about feeling overheated. I’ve proven that this robe is highly breathable and comfy, and I must say this cozy loose-fitting cloth is a perfect choice for all future mamas out there! A little advice from my honest experience: robe is more suitable if you’re having a private acupuncture session.

11. Dress and cardigan

what to wear to acupuncture
Source: Dr Edi Sontai Acupuncture

The two clothes combined make an excellent choice for any occasion, including acupuncture. From my experience, this ensemble is always been my go-to not only for acupuncture but also for other occasions. Complete the look with a pair of flat shoes, and you’ll look both pretty and comfy!

12. Loose dress

what to wear to acupuncture
Source: Karine Emily

It’s no secret that most pregnant outfits have loose-fitting, making them the ideal choices for an acupuncture session. This loose-cutting patterned house dress is remarkably stylish for daily wear. I’ve been wearing this dress for quite some time, and I should say it’s both fancy and breathable! Complete with flat sandals and you’re looking as fashionable as it gets.

13. Rollable shirts

what to wear to acupuncture
Source: Now and Gen

It’s common knowledge that you should wear rollable shirts before having the acupuncture treatment. I usually opt for loose-fitting shirts with long to medium sleeves since I don’t want to reveal too much skin. Easily mix and match the top with comfy pants to create a cozy look without much effort.

14. Matching knitted sets

what to wear to acupuncture
Source: Pinterest (@Mehzoh)

As fashion trend evolves, knitted clothes are growing more and more. One of the newest innovations is knitted trousers and sweaters. It seems to me that this pair makes a perfect option not just for going out on chilly days, but also for acupuncture. You can roll them up without fuss and get relaxed while receiving the treatment.

15. Maternity pants

Maternity Pants
Source: Instagram (@Kelsrfloyd)

A pair of maternity pants can be your ultimate option to wear to acupuncture. What to say about these specially designed pants? It’s breathable and stretchy, perfect for daily wear and all shapes. Based on my experience, it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing it under or over the bump, the pants won’t be so constrictive anyway. All you need is just a loose top and comfy footwear to complete the comfy look.

16. Drawstring pants

Drawstring Pant
Source: Current Boutique

These drawstring pants are flowier and lighter compared to jogger pants, making them the best alternatives for sunny days. Although the pants may run long for petite women like me, it’s still one the best options to wear for an acupuncture appointment since they can be rolled easily. To style the pants, add your favorite tank top and cardigan to look pretty, or opt for fitting t-shirts if you’re a fan of casual looks.

17. Midi dress

Midi Dress
Source: Pinterest (@Bee)

If you’re not keen on wearing pants while eating for two, dresses are always the best offer. Midi dresses are one of the ideal clothes to wear to acupuncture. All you need is just a pair of slippers and knitted outerwear for windy days. I must say that this simple ensemble is considered the go-to look that’ll make you effortlessly elegant.

What to wear to acupuncture for fertility

Besides helping reduce physical pain and balancing the psychological state, acupuncture is well-known to help increase people’s fertility rate, both for men and women. Before you’re planning to book an appointment, here are some ideas on what to wear to acupuncture for fertility.

18. Comfortable sweater

Comfortable Sweater
Source: Facebook (@Rachel Adams Lee)

I’ll never get over how perfect sweaters are to wear during acupuncture. A pro tip from me: opt for sweaters without cuffs on the end of their sleeves for easier lifting, or wear loose-fitting ones. Combine them with your comfy pants and shoes of your choice to get a quick yet stylish look.

19. Short dress

Short dress
Source: Jewel In The Lotus Healing

One of the must-have items in women’s closets, short dresses make an excellent alternative cloth to wear on your next acupuncture appointment. Combine with comfortable flat shoes and you won’t break a sweat trying to look fabulous. There’s nothing wrong with adding some accessories, but I rather not wearing them since it would hinder the treatment process and made you feel uncomfortable while lying down.

20. Sweatpants and cropped hoodie

Sweatpants And Cropped Hoodie
Source: Pinterest (@Theagelessbeauty | Lovely Life)

There are plenty of ways to style a cropped hoodie. To add a youthful vibe to the entire look, I usually mix and match sweatpants with a cropped hoodie. You can also buy a tracksuit which has a matching pair. You can go for either a monochromatic look or add a fun splash of color. Add a pair of sneakers to create a casual look, and you’re ready to get the acupuncture treatment!

21. Cropped tanks

Cropped Tanks
Source: Daily Mail (@Andrew Bullock)

Besides cropped hoodies, this tank top is another cropped outfit in this category. I’ll explain why this particular top is the perfect option for your next acupuncture treatment. One, you don’t have to bother rolling the sleeves up, allowing the acupuncturist to maneuver with ease. Two, basically you can put any outer over if you don’t want to reveal too much of your skin. Pair the top with loose training pants and slip-on footwear to achieve a simple yet stylish look.

22. Plaid pants

Plaid Pants
Source: Purfect Sunday (@Monti Wheeler)

Moving on to the patterned ones, you can always add some fun to your acupuncture outfit. Like these plaid pants, for example. I was surprised upon knowing how great the quality is! It has loose cutting which is breathable and comfy to wear. To style the pants up, pair them with your favorite top and a pair of crisp white sneakers to look casually fashionable.

23. Fitted tees

Fitted tees
Source: Southern Curls And Pearls

The next is one of the most recommended clothes to wear during acupuncture sessions. It has two short sleeves which expose the lower arm for the needle treatment. A fitting tee is a perfectly versatile clothes to wear on numerous occasions, including for acupuncture. The tee complements women of all ages, from young to old. Speaking as a petite woman, I adore how fitting the tee is without being too restrictive.

24. Culottes

Source: Style Domination

These loose-cutting trousers can be your next outfit to wear to an acupuncture session. Not only it’s comfy, but culottes are also well-known for their fashionable look as proven by our fashion experts. As I see it, these particular pants will look good with either cropped tees or a tank. Add your favorite comfy shoes or sandals to look flawlessly stunning!

25. Tribal pants

Tribal Pants
Source: Signeroo

Last but not least, we have a pair of tribal pants. Who says that acupuncture outfits have to look plain and bland? I love adding a fun touch to my overall look, whether it’s a color combination or patterns like this one. According to our respectable fashion experts, the tribal-like pattern adds an exquisite charm and points to the overall look. If you ask me, pairing the pants with a plain top is the perfect way to achieve an extraordinary style without looking too much.

Acupuncture dos and don’ts

There are many things not to do before acupuncture and other recommended things to keep the treatment effective. The following is a list of what you should follow for an acupuncture session.

Have a small snack before the acupuncture session.Wear tight clothes.
Get yourself relaxed.Consume processed, caffeinated, and junk food (alcohol is a big no.)
Eat healthy foods, especially the ones with high antioxidants and vitamins.Get yourself exhausted or stressed.
Drink plenty of waterDrive a vehicle if you feel lightheaded.
Keep your body warm.Take a cold shower.


1. Do you take your clothes off during acupuncture?

No, it’s not necessary to take your clothes off during acupuncture, although in some treatments you need to remove pants (like jeans) and be asked to change into shorts. If you don’t bring one, there’s no need to worry! From what I know, most acupuncture places provide towels or sheets to cover your body and stay comfortable while getting the treatment.

2. What should I wear to my first acupuncture appointment?

It’s your first time making an appointment to get an acupuncture treatment, and you still wonder about what to wear. Don’t worry! A little tip from me: opt for comfortable and loose-fitting clothing, like basketball shorts, or scrubs. It’s also important to wear clothes that are easy to roll or foldable. Slip-on shoes come in handy as well since you need to remove your footwear while having the treatment.

3. Can I eat before acupuncture

Our professionals in acupuncture recommend eating something in a reasonable portion for a maximum of 2 hours before undergoing the treatment. I don’t suggest you come with an empty stomach since you’ll feel lightheaded after the treatment. Eating grand meals aren’t advised by the experts as well because you’re at risk of being uncomfortable like something is piercing inside your stomach.

4. Can acupuncture be done through clothing

Acupuncture can’t be done through clothing, since the needles have to go directly into your skin for an effective and better result. You still can wear clothes while undergoing acupuncture treatment, but you might roll or pull them up if the acupuncturist needs to treat the specific area.

5. Can you wear leggings to acupuncture

I can’t recommend wearing leggings to acupuncture because of several reasons. Leggings are hard to be rolled up, especially if you need treatment on the lower leg area. If you happen to wear leggings during an acupuncture session, the result might not be as optimal since tight-fitting clothes hinder blood and warmth circulation. Not only that, but it can also make you less comfortable. 

6. Why is comfort so important during an acupuncture session?

I’ll explain why comfort is so important during an acupuncture session. The parasympathetic nervous system, which regulates the “rest and digest” functions will be activated while you undergo the treatment. This will help your blood flows easier and ease the pain, resulting in a better physical sensation, feeling relaxed, and much more comfortable. 

7. What should you not do after acupuncture?

There are many things you shouldn’t do after acupuncture. I’ll list some of them below.

  • Drive your vehicle while feeling dizzy after the treatment.
  • Use ice to reduce the pain or take a cold shower.
  • Use digital scenes too much
  • Engage in stressful situations.
  • Consume caffeine and alcohol, as well as sugary and junk foods.

8. What happens the day after acupuncture?

Many things happens at the day after acupuncture, depending on what issue one person faces. Generally speaking, feeling relaxed is one of the most common reactions after getting the treatment. Some people may feel fatigued the next day, which can be cured by sleeping and enough rest. Some physical symptoms (like muscular pain) are getting more intense, but that’s a normal thing since your body needs to let those out. Another reaction is the emotional change, some even feel more sensitive than usual, and that’s a good sign that indicates that the acupuncture treatment is doing its job.


To sum things up, getting an acupuncture treatment isn’t as scary as you think. It’s also important to get yourself prepared for the outcome. While undergoing the treatment, there’s no limitation on what to wear to acupuncture since all you need are just any type of comfortable clothes. Be at ease with whatever you wear, and I hope these tips will be useful!

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